A cheat based on the neural network appeared in CS 2

IN Counter-Strike 2 A modern cheat Aimbot, working on the basis of artificial intelligence, has appeared – it does not change files and does not interact at all with the game. In this regard, it is more difficult to calculate the VAC system. AIMBOT AI Detects objects in real time using neural networks and recognizes patterns similar to the movements of a real player. This was announced in his X-account (ex-Twitter) The English-language Dataminer Thor.

According to rumors, Valve has also been working on a unique Vacnet anticipation based on artificial intelligence. He must go out in the near future, but so far there is no official evidence of this information.

No, well this is a complete ass

Moreover, here CS2, if the neural network determines the objects, then it will determine in any shooter. This is a problem that concerns all online games player. And no anti -nitches will be able to determine this, alas.

The behavior of players with a hardware cheat will always be different than that of e -sportsmen or ordinary players with small ping. They can be monitored according to the schedule of events and banned. If there are few episodes, no one canceled the manual ban.

The same Denuvo or Valve may well roll out their solution.

Well, a neural network to determine the neural network, then they will come up with a neural network that will bypass the protection of the neural network and so in a circle million times)) It is probably enough to give vidos with fragments for studying for the neural network that players do. And leave it for a couple of months of study, and then all the khan.

Moreover, there is a denuvo, Denuvo is a protection against hacking, and not anti -shacks: D

Denuvo is a company specializing in digital security in any of its form and manifestation, although it is famous mainly in the anti -pirate system.

There is nothing good in this, as in any other game, cheaters = ***** (very bad words).

Even the prime minister from 20k rating begins to squeeze: players with hidden profiles, small number of awards appear in the enemy team, for that, they are very well aware of where the enemy is located. This was also in my team, without information, I knew exactly where the enemy was located. I watched him the whole game – pure VX. The enemy’s team at the same time, simply wrote angry messages to him, and he hung their noodles that he was simply given info (although no one gave it to him XD).
The second problem, the big number of the Turks, who absolutely do not respect either you or English, do not care at all, behave like monkeys. This is the main information on the enemy, play better than them, and they will still boil you from the game for it.

P.S at the moment, the only adequate option in anticipation of the miracle VAC’A is Faceit.

We are waiting for a neurosetic bush, which will determine the neurutus-Aim and ban in real life.

Gaben is more likely to his pants nasret than someone will ban there

Shtosh. I continue not to play competitive online games 😆

If this is real, then here is the algorithm Arnim Zola🤣

I don’t understand the meaning of online shooters, in which there were always cheaters. For a long time I decided for myself that playing such games and counting on justice is such an idea

Why cheats in this game even if a real monkey can hang

They have been working on their anti -fingers for 666 years, and in fact they have learned so far only Yandikar to Steam launched

It can be seen that the sight is shaking. Such as a patrol, so it will be.
AI AIMBOT should kill in the head aiming in the head, and not only in 1 out of 10,000 pixels of the head – what we saw on the video.
Nonsense is another.