Fans consider Metal Gear Solid 3 the best game in the series

The Metal Gear Solid series left its mark on the gaming industry back in 1998. In subsequent years, the franchise parted with a circulation of 60 million copies, and the fifth game of the main series not so long ago celebrated the eighter anniversary.

With such a rich heritage, disputes about the best game in the series have always been fought. And although everyone has their own favorites, fans consider Metal Gear Solid 3 the best game in the entire series.

Reddit user recently asked fans to choose a favorite game of this cult franchise, and most seemed to stop on the third release. What makes Metal Gear Solid 3 better than the rest is that this part has finalized the established IP formula to perfection.

The game strengthened secrecy thanks to the camouflage system, encouraging players to adapt to the environment. This added an additional element of tactics to each fight, making them more memorable.

Metal Gear Solid 3 also became the 2004 visual showcase. Gloomy atmosphere, muffled colors and incredible incredible animation – in this game Hideo Kodzima created a cinematic experience that ahead of his time.

The narrative was undoubtedly the most memorable aspect of this game. Characters, such as the boss and Snake, have greater depth than typical game characters, each of which is guided by complex motives.

Although the Snake was originally instructed to kill the boss, his former mentor, the narrative is not as black and white as it could be expected, which led to incredible plot turns throughout history.

After Konami again showed interest in this IP, Metal Gear Solid 3 can now be played on modern equipment. However, the current port of the game is not the best that received negative reviews when exiting.

Nevertheless, the upcoming remake of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater looks very promising in the last gameplay, demonstrating amazing visual effects and updated mechanics of this classical game.

Modders made “New S.T.A.L.K.E.R.”: With new missions and cool graphics

AP-Pro enthusiasts? True Stalker – large -scale modification on the basis of an improved engine “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat”. She adds to the game a new storyline, katsets, 13 locations (copyright and processed from the original trilogy), an improved interface and graphics, as well as the soundtrack of composer Yuri Yudin. You can download True Stalker by free from our site where fast download is available via torrent.

Gamers have to play for an ax – a stalker who decided to go for a cordon. Users will be offered to perform tasks, fight with opponents and explore the surroundings. The authors demonstrated all the features of the modification in the release trailer.

“S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat ” – a shooter from the GSC Game World, released on October 2, 2009 on PC. At the moment, it is considered the last part of the popular series. Release of the next game in the franchise, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, scheduled for 2024.

I tried it today. Damn they even optimized fucking grass. And so the mod seems to be cool (I passed a little) this moronic schizo of hardcoreity on light complexity (I really hope that it will not) took out the dogs with a knife, which is very cool since the animals from the firearm are still BDSM, it was still restored if it is not wants to eat, drink and do not hapal radiation. And there is no fright of cloudy of everything and everything and a garbage in the spirit of buy a bag for cartridges and other x *** neither. Voice acting, the tie seems to be banal, the interface is made closer to modern games. I recommend putting a launch from the admin, nothing was saved without it.
In short, taking into account that I score for many mods for one reason or another and generally cannot stand them from some of them. Since let’s say the plot is like OK, it’s interesting, but there is definitely a global one that everything will spoil everything, in this mod I still want to play just a new part of the new part, and not just a mod. He can become "Chronicles of myrtans" From the world of a stalker, if everything goes well.

There is no facility of hardcore on light complexity (I really hope that it will not) brought out the dogs with a knife, which is very cool since the living creatures from the firearm is still BDSM, the HP has recovered, if it does not want to eat, drink and there is no this Dolba’s clutter of everything and everything and garbage in the spirit buy a bag for cartridges and other x *** neither.

You must definitely not play in fashion for stalker, because hardcore elements make the gameplay interesting and the zone is really dangerous and atmospheric, as you can imagine a stalker without radiation, it is nonsense, the living creatures are removed from a gun or shotgun without problems.

Well, yes, you especially like how you release a clip in a person, and it is on your feet. Or you shoot in the head, and he fucks. Now, if these modern modern ones would be ZBS

But you are taken out of one cartridge by the most wretched bums per kilometer))

Firstly, there are different mods with different models of damage, secondly, it depends on which weapons you shoot, what type of cartridge and which part of the body, what armor is on NPS, and thirdly depends on your armor and on the arts.In Stalker, one of the best in the games of the jokes, each weapon shoots differently, has its own range of shots, laying and trajectory of bullet flight.

Moreover, there is no radiation here, there is a stump of stump there, like an anomalies are full (and there is an electrical hardcore here, or she has terrible timings or that xs), I mean if the player has no negative effects (forgot what is called on slang) then the CP is restored (ET on the light on other xs)
There are difficulties levels and it should be easily playable as in this fashion, and not as in the bulk of where they score all this.
The living creatures can and is taken out, but while you get the gun, and it itself is sharpened wretched under the firearm (pesoli in particular) a boar current with pigs like there, a stalker would be generally a full -fledged pack of neighbor
Let’s say in Farcry thanks to animations and others calmly from the firearm, no matter how the modern ones tried, but they are like that, plus they have a frequent respond.
I am atmospheric and in places as dangerous and krypova without any chordalities and other garbage, and in mods it is Shiza hardcore. And what is the problem to do as in this fashion, when the nerds are not able to calmly enjoy the plot mod.

And here Stalker 2 drove up, but you said it will not work

My dad has been playing a stalker since 2011, I must tell him. I think he will be glad))

Eh, when there is SGM 3.0

Everything is fine, but that the animations of drugs and food were not brought so atmospheric.

I watched the passage of the Flavar on YouTube. It was cool. I advise you to look)))

Finally.. waited.

The mod is excellent. The plot, interface, weather cycles, processed locations, secondary quests and many pleasant little things make this mod the best this year, and maybe over the past few years. SGM 3 remains.0 wait.

Voice acting pitch piz ***. 2 adult men go and speak the voices of schoolchildren.

The hero was driven – ax. What a game.

Well, the trailer is cool, I will download it and try, only the inventory and interface is somehow not very.

The mod is certainly cool, but here is the interface "Revised" Through one place processed. A strip of hp right below, the effects in the opposite corner of the card. While twisting your eyes in five seconds, was it really impossible to hang the effects of HP? The font of objects is the smallest. The new inventory first repels but then you get used to it. We need to wait a week until the people run up and the guys do a couple of fixes and then it will be possible to get high.

Agree. Why was such a Vasyan interface to do. Confident on its creation, colossal work has gone.

Respect, which all the same managed before the end of the year!

After Anomaly – this mod as a sip of fresh air in a stalker modding.

And before that he was scheduled for 2023, and earlier for 2022? )))

And even before that in 2008 when they threw all fans

but the saving do not work in this assembly team of AP-Pro enthusiasts please fix it)

Everything works, start on behalf of the administrator. Probably put on the system disk.

Everything is working. It loaded 10 times.

I tried this mod, optimization deserves respect, more than 100 FPS on maximums, but the graphon itself is somehow too rich and some kind of plastic or something or something

Picture saturation can be turned off in the game settings.

Thank you, I did not change anything here, I’ll try

So norms, but there are moments that pick up. For example, food, water, radiation indicators. Could you do as a percentage, otherwise dick will understand how much you are hapanovani is not clear. Although, the description of the subjects indicates the number of units, how much they improve or worsen the condition, then it is not clear to the hell? With health is the same. While at the beginning of the homeless) everything that I found, sold and bought the same medicine that was before the sortie) yes, and who is picked up too bright colors, in the settings to remove the box of saturation. For me, the atmosphere is lost by a stalker, when everything is bright green around. Although, it was not far from Chernobyl, there the foliage is really unrealistically large and green, like a Bud was painted with a Bud.

The third account? Or gutsz adopted under the noise?

True Stalker project with a capital letter that has surpassed even a lust of alpha, seven years of development were spent not in vain.This is a great reason, once again return to the game, those who love and repeatedly with different mods, passed the legendary stalker.

Coaches would be for this mod for the strength of weapons, otherwise to run every time for techniques for such pleasure.

Damn, so they survived, players in the stalker cannot correct the values ​​in LTX weapons.

Well, firstly, I never did it. Secondly, and so I play and no longer wait for the trainer, I have already reached the chapter 6.

And the ax will first be pulled out the ax at the end of the chapter 6, and on the 8th will be suspended by the hilt under the bridge)

Adam Kruatya Grafka..=))

Vosjuvka Vasyanskaya and so like the norms of the mod.

Cool graphics at what second to watch?

Phahaha "And cool graphics" ))) Please a time code for this graphics 🤣

Here will come out a stalker 2 and you will be graphonia

It is cool by the standards of the first stalker and not in the industry of modern. But the dogs even here look better than in the second part.

Mechanics Voiceover showed the process of working on the Russian voice acting The Callisto Protocol

Mechanics Voiceover showed a fresh video about the process of working on the English voice acting The Callisto Protocol. The characters of the game will speak in the voices of professional dubbing actors. The video shows a record for the voicing of Danny Nakamura performed by Veronika Sarkisova, who gave her voice Jennifer from the Witcher series, a woman from Batman (2022), Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Mantis,.

U "Mechanics" there are two news and one of them is good, and the other is not very. The good thing is that the authors plan to release voice acting immediately with the complement of The Final Transmission. And not very pleasant news concerns the exit time – voice acting will not come out until the end of the summer, but the delay will not be large. Soon.

Clearly already good. Otherwise there were so many announcements and for so many games took up at once, therefore the process is delayed. Good luck to them.

Class awesome work is expected

Just great. The English sound makes The Callisto Protocol a masterpiece in terms of sound. After what I heard, there is no desire to return to the wretched English version. It would soon be a voice acting! Actors play very cool. Professionals are immediately visible.

Hacking her more

Handsome, awesome at 0:47 seconds purely pure game with dubbing is just super. I look forward to and even buy it when there is a translation and play with pleasure, although by that time it may appear on torrents 😋

If only who muddied Sleeping Dogs

Well, I don’t know, the voice acting is certainly super cool, but as it seemed to me, the girl’s voice that voiced Nakamura is not very suitable, this is just my personal opinion.

I wait and do not pass the game because of this)

Uh high, it’s a pity that everyone does not care about the game)

The ancestors of money for the game did not give?))) The norms of the ico, yesterday passed. I like it))

Now, if the Starfield was so voiced, then I would have bought it right without a doubt 😁

how much approximately?

It is clear that the pros works, but as for me, the voice is not suitable, and the intonations are all absolutely even. Well, FIG knows.. She speaks on exhalation and in high colors, also fights, also yells during the dramatic scene of the murder of a partner. In all situations there seems to be emotions, but she is the same, regardless of what is happening), the taste is probably and if everyone likes it, I am glad, but I read it better than Saba.

It’s good that you indicated that this is your personal opinion. So it is necessary.

The original is better, I like how a Japanese woman says excellent English from her

They take 10 games for voice acting, translate every year, without the release date, there is no deadline, just the deadlines for all games are stretched, the more projects they take to work, the translation is cool but dates.

You can always take the initiative into your own hands and do everything right. Not like these non -understanding stupids. and also of course faster, cheaper and better.

Yes, I didn’t just make a focus on current projects and not took so much work

Callisto Protocol Actual Project. They took up immediately after the release.
And for them this is not work. But rather a hobby. since voice acting do not bring them income. So they are engaged in voice acting in their free time and if there is a desire. accordingly, projects are taken in their preference and desire. And since the studio consists of not one person. then 10 voices are collected. each for 1-2 interesting projects took him, and makes them. The exception is sponsorship projects. And by sponsorships, I mean not a donat of 100 rubles. and when a person fully pays for all the work on voice acting. Then the terms are agreed with him and constantly report to him what and how. D. as for, for example, it was with a voice acting 6 residents. as well as remakes 2 and 3 parts. they were ordered and fully paid by one person.

Who takes 10 games for voice acting? Mechanics and Gamesvoice two different studios. The voice act is selected by the one who orders and pays for it, and not the studios themselves. But in terms of time it comes out about the same as that of the offices, about six months for a large game. The voice acting is unofficial and there is no way to start making it before the release of the game. Sit on a moped and accelerate is also not an option, it doesn’t work like that. Just as an example: the witcher 3 began to be voiced almost a year and a half before the release of the game.

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Leakage: what anomalous fields from the drained build look like.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

The Bulletin of that Stalker community is a demonstration of new abnormal fields that are in a flowing build S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. You can look at the draft options for such zones as “burning forest”, “whirlwind”, “poisonous hole” and others, as well as read their game descriptions.

Abnormal fields from s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Heart of Chornobyl

“Poisonous hole” on the location “Landing”:

“A hole among the garbage hills in which the poisonous liquid is seething. A column of smoke is visible from the far. Abundant vegetation is also near the hole. Stalkers come there to burn their waste, in the hope that one day the hole will spit out a unique artifact from its vent.In fact, the hole is associated with the lake in the north of Pripyat using a spatial anomaly. An old man lives on the other side who caught valuable garbage from the lake (the same Khabar from stalkers), and returns that he does not need. He understood how this anomaly works, once falling there there. The old man miraculously survived and realizing that he could earn like that, he came up with a legend. “.

“Garage/pine” (location “Gore Forest”):

“Anomaly from the original s.T.A.L.K.E.R., which was rethought and turned into a full -fledged biom. In fact, this is a fed pine forest, where the trees greatly changed their dimensions and shape and intertwined with each other. There is swamp vegetation, ivy, branches with leaves from below and top of the “trunks” ”.

“Fiery perimeter” (location “burning forest”):

“When a fire began in a mountain in a mountain, they rolled out equipment from the military warehouses to stop its distribution, because if the river can stop it from the eastern, northern and south side, then nothing prevents him from burning out half a zone from the western side. They walked a couple of bulldozers around the perimeter of the fire, but they had to be abandoned, both ran into an engraving anomaly. Both drivers died “.

“WHOLE” (location “burned forest”):

“A huge fiery whirlwind, which, when born, formed a funnel from an explosion in the ground. Because of this, getting to the center is not so easy. The closer to the center, the more burning and heat. Anomalies “Frying” everywhere.

“The path of death” (location “burning forest”):

“A small gorge between the hills through which the road passes. There are a lot of “frying”, a burning forest, smoke, fiery failures in the ground “on the way”.

The alternative costumes of Peter and Miles from Spider-Man 2 fell on the covers of Marvel Comics

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, many costumes will be presented for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Marvel Comics introduced a series of covers of costumes that can be surprised by some of the new costume that will appear in the sequel.

These options for covers with the image of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 heroes will be released as part of such publications as The Amazing Spider-Man, Venom and Miles Morales: Spider-Man. Each of the ten covers will be presented one of the new costumes of the game. You can see all ten covers in the gallery below:

It is expected that the first comics with a game cover on the Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise will be released on November 8, and the latter will appear at the end of December.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release will be held on October 20, 2023 on PlayStation 5.

really feelings that costumes made a neural network. This does not mean that the game will be worse than the 1st part, but all the same

To be honest, most costumes are some kind of multi-colored paragraph for schoolchildren.

It is amazing how tasteless and scarlet are almost all costumes. The darkness is simple. I really did it like a neural network.

Everyone is trying to sell garbage in Deluxe.

In fact, almost all costumes look unusual and original. I like

Well, I feel sorry for you if you like this, even if I did not do it, then these artists are clearly mediocre, because the bones are overloaded with elements. And all the top cobs of the spider were without this trouble.

The problem is that many people perceive all this through the prism of duckling syndrome. Of course they will never like this, it is better to see another variation of classics for the thousandth time. I have nothing against this, but we need to be open to something new, otherwise we will forever observe the same thing. In this case, all this goes as an addition to classical costumes, so why not? The designs are quite bold and unusual, at least dilute what has already been bored and, moreover, goes in addition to the main costumes, and does not completely replace them

I hope these costumes will not replace any that were in the past parts.The costumes themselves are such as for me, the latter is more or less as for me and that, because it resembles a costume from Ninja Gaiden

In general, I hope that the game will be very epic since Harry will die in the final and Peter will remain with an anti -man, if this information from a person who was secondly finished off the Platin in the game, and only from the commentary of Anti -Harry and Harry’s death, I already present the whole picture, then As in the finale, he will fight with his tentacles, and the facial animations are simply a chick, there, even in the drug, it merges the mission from the game that he chopped, that is, the final mission, how Peter will receive a symbiote. But there is no desire to watch since I do not want to spoil because the game is waiting for since 2018. As for me, Harry Mega is obvious for me and the death of Harry and this is not a spoiler, since even in the exit of the trailer 2-3 months ago I seemed to understand that Venom Harry, well, before that it was clear. And how I won Venoma, I knew from the announcement of the game (2021), because Venom would hardly turn out if you think so. Well, in general, I wish you hot impressions of the game

Cool costumes. It will be funny to run in such.

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The stress test Mortal Kombat 1, perhaps revealed the main villain

Mortal Kombat 1 players may already find out who is the main villain of the game on the first day of the stress test Mortal Kombat 1. Judging by some teasers that Mortal Kombat players picked up, one of the main theories now is that the main villain of the game and probably a big boss with whom the players will ultimately have to fight, is none other than she, the king of dragons. The Mortal Kombat fighter has not been in the spotlight for a long time and only episodically appeared in the latest games and adaptations of Mortal Kombat, where the main villain was Shang Tsung, but now there is every reason to believe that Neaga may return.

Of course, there is always a chance that the references of the Onagi can simply be a reference towards the story of the character in Mortal Kombat games, and that someone else can be the main villain, but so far this can be said about the character Mortal Kombat 1

When two players managers Liu Kang come out against each other, one of them asks the other about their temporary line and about whether Onaga exists in it. Another Li Kang replies: "Exists? He rules it".

Over the past years, Onaga was mentioned in several games of the Mortal Kombat series. More recently, it was mentioned by Mortal Kombat 10 and Mortal Kombat 11, although it has never been seen and only mentioned it. This means that players have more than once teased him with a return, but perhaps this time it will really happen.

Shang Tsung is an obvious choice for those who are trying to predict who will be the main villain in Mortal Kombat. He was the main villain in many games for many years and was present in most films, although in things such as the animated film Mortal Kombat: Snow Blind, the fans were glad to finally see someone else in the role of the main villain.

Shang Tsung is definitely a villain in Mortal Kombat 1 (as well as DLC and a playable character), but the director Ed Bun has already confirmed that he is not the only villain. Bun said this in an interview with Warner Play, the Brazilian Channel of Social Networks Warner Bros. Games.

The Dragon King debuted in Mortal Kombat: Deception as the main boss and was available for playing Mortal Kombat: Armageeddon, but since then nothing has been heard about Onga. It is depicted as a dead ruler of the external world, preceding Shao Kan, who has incredible strength and combat abilities, as well as able to resurrect the dead. Given all this and such a name as "The King of the Dragons", It is not surprising that players hope for his return to Mortal Kombat 1.

Sven Vinka plans to appear at The Game Awards in armor

Larian Studios, founder and CEO of Swen Vincke, intends to appear at The Game Awards in his favorite style. According to many users, Baldur’s Gate 3 will ultimately be recognized as a game of 2023 year, and there is a real chance that the vinka will go on stage in his favorite armor to accept this award.

However, whether this glorious moment will come is still unknown – evil forces are trying to intervene in business. Vinka began to talk about the prospect a few days ago, incurred by fanatical fans of BG3. The idea seemed funny and cool, the players would like it, but the delivery of this line from (presumably) Belgium to Los Angeles will become an independent adventure.

Later he agreed to put on a suit, provided that the host of the screenwriter Adam Smith would dress up with a bear. Publisher Director Michael DAUS immediately began actions by placing on Twitter announcements for the sale of bear costumes and even offering to make up Smith himself.

But then there was a tragedy. Daus announced that a certain Nika (presumably the squire of Winka), responsible for transporting the armor, arose problems during transportation, which casts doubt on the possibility of a harness to Los Angeles to the beginning of the show. The publishing director called on the fans to pray that they could bring the armor on time, but later wrote that another plane was allocated to Nick.

These are the gaming industry, with an ardent passion for games. Down with managers with ties.

Remember what studios at 90-00 came to the market. Well, pure fans of their business and games. And what after. Business. Efficiency. Benefit. A game? People? Quality? Pf.

These are the profit with the above all Mikey, EA, gazebo and others. The Larias are not like that.

Only grandmas worry ties.

Again this bg3 trades remembered

Again adalat from his old PC on the Internet got out

The right decision, otherwise fans spray with saliva, and not fans still shoot from the crossbow.

He will take the sword and cut off his head to the dragon with the face of Todd Howard, that would be symbolic.

Well, Tod in his entire life created games stronger and cooler than vinka, so what is it

It just works, very "strong" Tod games.

You have armor – you have a success.

In the Games of Thrones, the brother of the sister began to demolish

It’s nice to see the comments of fans bg3.
But even more pleasant to see how the fans of Kolds and Fifs expire.

P.S. I wonder which of the Haters puts 12/10 of Sonya exam, including TLOU2 and Burning WHORES?

Almost all publications.

The most important thing to take for awards to take, they will definitely not be appropriate in my hands, I think it will take 5 pieces, the game of the year for sure.

According to his behavior and for the game that he made, we can say for sure that he is a schizoid, not to be confused with schizophrenia, these are completely different things. Only schizoids can create something worthwhile and new. All that was created and invented in this world – it was done by schizoids. The society of such people considers strange, but these are very smart people. Einstein, Perelman and others. But it seems that Todd Howard Narcissus, only knows how to boast.

"The schizoid upset of the personality is a person’s disorder, characterized by a tendency to avoid emotionally saturated relationships through excessive theorizing, closing in oneself, leaving in fantasy. In addition, they manifest such personality traits as emotional coldness, small interest in sexual contacts, the lack of special motivation for social interaction and preference for activity alone, as well as an angedonia. The term “schizoid” is introduced into psychiatry to designate personalities, by the nature of close to patients with schizophrenia."

In other words, do not fantasize, but we must study the meaning of the terms that you use.

Do not teach your father e **** if you are such intricacies as disorder and psychosis (diagnosis), then these are your problems.

Psychologist Anna Martynyuk believes that the recluse and strange behavior of the famous mathematician Grigory Perelman is associated with his schizoid character, however, pathological processes in his psyche may also indicate.“Of course, we cannot unequivocally assess the state of a person from other people’s words, since a personal conversation is needed for this. But, based on the descriptions provided by his acquaintances, it can be assumed that we are talking about a person of a so -called schizoid nature, ”she said in a conversation with a correspondent of“ joint venture ”

Personal computer is the invention of schizoids, the most loved by the same users. Most of the system administrators familiar to me are people with schizoid features in character. This is manifested both in their appearance (beard, glasses, untidy appearance, sebaceous hair, dirt under the nails), and in the lifestyle that they prefer to lead. Closure or solitude, absorption of internal thoughts, as well as high professionalism and knowledge of their work – many outstanding science figures possessed such features: Thomas Edison, Henry Altshuller, Albert Einstein, Lev Landau and others.

One of the main distinguishing features of patients with schizophrenia is thinking disturbances. Such people think differently, classify differently, find very non-standard solutions for different tasks. In addition, an important diagnostic criterion is the presence of hallucinations (visual, auditory or other.), nonsense.The schizoid may look like a patient with schizophrenia, as it can have the same qualities – isolation, sloppiness, an unusual mindset. However, such a person will not have such violations of thinking, in general, he will be close to the thinking of a healthy person, as well as no hallucination and other symptoms.Schizoids are unexpected, closed, surrounding them consider them “eccentrics”. Such people are distinguished by emotional coldness, they are inattentive to their appearance, introverted.

And yes, I did not write anything about the disorder, but in addition to the disorder there is a schizoid accentuation or psychotype. The funny thing, when a person has not heard anything about this, draws conclusions only on the basis of stereotypes, at the same time he climbed to google and that the first one who came across threw me as evidence, and I have only known in recent years that I have been spinning in the topic of psychology. Hand face.

Space Marine 2 developers took as a basis the best fan film for Warhammer 40,000

In Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, a well-known fan-animated film Astartes Project was taken as a basis, the game developers said during an interview at the Gamescom 2023 exhibition.

The Space Marine 2, which goes out at the end of this year, will try to convey the atmosphere of the animated short film created by Syama Pedersen, which many call the best work about space paratroopers ever created.

The creative director of the game, Oliver Hollis-Kick, said that he was holding the same opinion, and cited the work of Pedersen as an example. However, Saber Interactive also worked with Jess Goodwin, a famous artist who created the original model of space infantrymen to get an idea of ​​science fiction underlying Astartes armor.

He brought his old notebooks, all these drawings and schemes and explained to us how this costume works, ”Hollis Kol said. He explained to us that the shoulder gutters are suspended using a magnetic field, this is part of the armor, which gives them great freedom of maneuver, so it does not limit them. According to him, armor weighs a lot, you can stomp in it, but at the same time it has great mobility. So the meeting with him was a real blessing and helped us understand how it would work.

By combining these elements, Saber Interactive was able to transfer the most accurate embodiment of soldiers in armor with the ability to quickly move to the screen, despite the huge weight that they carry on themselves: this is not an easy task, but, according to the developers, it was solved.

Until now, the main enemy for Lieutenant Titus and his Uultramarins brothers in Space Marine 2 were the inexorable alien tyrannides who are trying to save the imperial world of the jungle of cadaca. In a recently published gameplay video, Titus Endor and its fighters also fight with the naval infantrymen from the Legion of thousands of sons who swore allegiance to Tsinchu.

Space Marine 2 output on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, as well as on PCs in the winter of this year.

Hearing: Marvel’s Blade release will take place in 2027

It seems that the fans will have to wait at least three years to finally play the upcoming superhero game from Arkane Lyon. Jeff Grabb, a reliable insider, claims that Marvel’s Blade will be released in 2027.

Speaking during the recent podcast Xbox Era, a reliable author of leaks said:

This may mean that Marvel’s Blade will coincide with the release of the new Xbox console, perhaps it will come out for both Xbox Series S | X and the next Microsoft console. Since, according to rumors, Microsoft can release its next console in 2026, Marvel’s Blade can become one of the main demonstrations of the new "gland".

Interestingly, Jeff Grabb also suggested that 2027 is the earliest time. Thus, Arkane Lyon most likely left a place for possible delays and obstacles in development, being opened for another or two years of development, if such a need arises.

The latest Game Awards Award Ceremony brought to gamers exciting news, confirming Arkane Lyon’s intentions to adapt Marvel’s property in AAA. However, the announcement left the fans in anticipation of additional information, without offering the release date or details about the platforms.

The lack of clarity made fans suggest that the game was still at an early stage of development. The insider gave us an idea of ​​the alleged release dates, saying that most of the work on the project has not yet been completed.

I still can’t accept the fact that the 24th in a couple of days. How is it in 27m? Another 6-7 years to wait!

Every year phrase "survive to the release" It becomes less and less a figure of speech and an increasingly serious issue))

It would seem that modern technologies, neural networks, a bunch of specialists in the market, new engines, enormous opportunities, and the timing of game development is growing and growing.

At such a pace, in 10 years, the campaign will be developed at all for 20 years)

Here you have plans for the next 15 years. on the game every 5.

Well, if 30+ studios in the game will be released once every five years, then this is already 90 games in 15 years, which sounds very cool

Why is that? Previously, the games were also large -scale and it was more difficult to work on shooting, but they came out many times more often

The schedules and details had to be made less, and in principle, the deadlines did not increase so much, before 4 years they made big games, now in 5-6 years

Why not immediately in 2030?!

I hope to rain. The old Blade games are certainly not very look like. It would not be bad to cut a franchise.

Damn I would really like to play

Pack the announcement and tolerate Patam

Well, nothing, Microsoft likes to promise. You just have to wait. And everything will someday

Oh yes, other companies do not promise anything, CD Project Red, Sony, and so on, have never made announcements a few years before the release of XD are only so bad, wow villains

Name at least a couple of quality and interesting games, recent years. who released Microsoft? So that I just quit everything and ran after a praised box

Well, specifically, you are not obliged to run and quit everything, immediately it depends on the tastes purely. For me, for example, Sonya did not make a single game better than Starfield in the entire history of the curling iron. High Fi Rash is also a top -end game for which it is worth having a box. Halo Infinit, Forsza Horaison 5, SI of Sifs, Age of Empires 2 and 4. It can calmly be those games for which I can choose a box instead of a curling iron, in principle, I first bought it just, since for me it is a MAST HAV acquisition in this generation, a curling iron, on the contrary, a completely optional console for other people Naturally, other tastes and other preferences, someone in general for the sake of the flyer of the simulator and the motorport can take the console . By the way, I have both a PC and boxing and a curling pier.

You did not name a single new game for boxing. Hai Fa Rash did not play, we must try, but this is far from aaa project. To claim that Sony did not make a single game better than Starfield, well, this is already a clinic, friend. No offense. The Starfield yourself has been going through? You need to know English very well to read and translate all those unique dialogs. RUSSIFICATION on boxing do not put. So many people just missed him. Look at the wretched animation of people where there is no cinematographic camera and at 2023 loading scale is not funny.

I played the Starfield of 160+ hours and played the majority of Sonya’s ecz on my curling iron, I know what I’m talking about) there, on the fact of loading, from which the meme made the seconds 3 go, which does not affect anything at all and does not spoil the impression, If they didn’t make a meme from this, I wouldn’t even know that there is some kind of problem for someone) about the cinematic camera is also funny, well, this genre is like that, the dialogue of the EPTA, the first -person dialogs, the player, I like it more, like it more, like it, I like it. It gives more immersion, I still play in the RPG and not in Kinzo, but given that there is a hundreds with which there are hundreds of which you can talk quite understandable why they don’t have a mouse Kepcher’s animation, because there are simply no world budgets for this) And not a single Sonya game will replace me with a single gesture game) and even more so I did not spend as much time in a single game as I spent in Starfield,Not to mention other boxing games, in Halo Infinit the same I have 100+ hours the same way, while the most long games from Sony are 30 hours, my favorite game of the curling of Bloodborn, which in which year came out, 2014-15?, At the same time, there is a clock in 20 hours, with DLS 30 hours, like most games of a curling iron. Some Moles Morales generally pass for 10 hours, emergency 2 for 16. At the expense of the prescription of games, these are all games that recently released on boxing, High Fi Rash generally in the top of the best games of all time for me, this is a direct Mast Have to passage. It is not a novelty on boxing in essence only SI Sifs, this is the game -gross in which new plots and updates come out every year, therefore I perceive it as a continuation of history, this year for example, the Kygen plot company is added to SI Sifs, well In addition, this is one of the best cooperative games in general

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The release of the Trine 5 fairy -tale platformer was held: A Clockwork Conspiracy

Today, August 31, the Trine 5 fairy -tale platformer was released: A Clockwork Conspiracy on PC and consoles. They ask for a PC for the game 1100 rubles.

The wizard of Amadeus, the knight Pontius and the thief Zoya again together in the country full of dangers.

When a huge spot appears on their reputation, their loved ones fall into trouble, and their own magical forces are at risk, the heroes of the three should rally to repulse the terrible mechanical army and restore peace and justice!

Great. I’ll take it on NG.

And she became a series of Thrash Games according to your personal rating, as I understand it?

I look forward to a torrent publication)

Hooray – Already lifted!

Already lies on torrents..Is there English language

Fans of past parts will come in, a really cool platform in principle

The castle was brought small) but the joke is that everything is standard in the cats, lol) this suggests that Frozenbyte for 14 years of the series is going on for fundamental.

Why there are no 4 heroes? Can redo the world of the game – new mechanics!! and make some other characters or current, but more upgraded? I understand that killing a hero is painful, but still)

Outbreaks simply continues the idea of ​​4 parts. Nevertheless, in the prolon the norms are most with the knight, then the magician, and then the thief.

Fairytale world. Don’t know. Perhaps I wanted more dark stylistics, dangerous traps) It is clear that this is more suitable for the series more, like, despite the terrible things that are going on in it, you are relatively relaxing. Cracking does not want the game to strain)

OST everything is as good as well, there is no doubt about it. I still have a playlist with 4, when there are so many class melodies, you rarely see in games)

But animations as for me could be better) there is a wheel of emotions for the chat)

All the same essentially skills, but there is still a gust of wind, explosives, bombs there is something..

And now, drops of water for a bucket can be gradually filled, it does not go astray, you don’t only need to put it to be typed) – this is in the prologue, then it is still necessary "hold" longer to fill, otherwise it falls!