Mechanics Voiceover showed the process of working on the Russian voice acting The Callisto Protocol

Mechanics Voiceover showed a fresh video about the process of working on the English voice acting The Callisto Protocol. The characters of the game will speak in the voices of professional dubbing actors. The video shows a record for the voicing of Danny Nakamura performed by Veronika Sarkisova, who gave her voice Jennifer from the Witcher series, a woman from Batman (2022), Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Mantis,.

U "Mechanics" there are two news and one of them is good, and the other is not very. The good thing is that the authors plan to release voice acting immediately with the complement of The Final Transmission. And not very pleasant news concerns the exit time – voice acting will not come out until the end of the summer, but the delay will not be large. Soon.

Clearly already good. Otherwise there were so many announcements and for so many games took up at once, therefore the process is delayed. Good luck to them.

Class awesome work is expected

Just great. The English sound makes The Callisto Protocol a masterpiece in terms of sound. After what I heard, there is no desire to return to the wretched English version. It would soon be a voice acting! Actors play very cool. Professionals are immediately visible.

Hacking her more

Handsome, awesome at 0:47 seconds purely pure game with dubbing is just super. I look forward to and even buy it when there is a translation and play with pleasure, although by that time it may appear on torrents 😋

If only who muddied Sleeping Dogs

Well, I don’t know, the voice acting is certainly super cool, but as it seemed to me, the girl’s voice that voiced Nakamura is not very suitable, this is just my personal opinion.

I wait and do not pass the game because of this)

Uh high, it’s a pity that everyone does not care about the game)

The ancestors of money for the game did not give?))) The norms of the ico, yesterday passed. I like it))

Now, if the Starfield was so voiced, then I would have bought it right without a doubt 😁

how much approximately?

It is clear that the pros works, but as for me, the voice is not suitable, and the intonations are all absolutely even. Well, FIG knows.. She speaks on exhalation and in high colors, also fights, also yells during the dramatic scene of the murder of a partner. In all situations there seems to be emotions, but she is the same, regardless of what is happening), the taste is probably and if everyone likes it, I am glad, but I read it better than Saba.

It’s good that you indicated that this is your personal opinion. So it is necessary.

The original is better, I like how a Japanese woman says excellent English from her

They take 10 games for voice acting, translate every year, without the release date, there is no deadline, just the deadlines for all games are stretched, the more projects they take to work, the translation is cool but dates.

You can always take the initiative into your own hands and do everything right. Not like these non -understanding stupids. and also of course faster, cheaper and better.

Yes, I didn’t just make a focus on current projects and not took so much work

Callisto Protocol Actual Project. They took up immediately after the release.
And for them this is not work. But rather a hobby. since voice acting do not bring them income. So they are engaged in voice acting in their free time and if there is a desire. accordingly, projects are taken in their preference and desire. And since the studio consists of not one person. then 10 voices are collected. each for 1-2 interesting projects took him, and makes them. The exception is sponsorship projects. And by sponsorships, I mean not a donat of 100 rubles. and when a person fully pays for all the work on voice acting. Then the terms are agreed with him and constantly report to him what and how. D. as for, for example, it was with a voice acting 6 residents. as well as remakes 2 and 3 parts. they were ordered and fully paid by one person.

Who takes 10 games for voice acting? Mechanics and Gamesvoice two different studios. The voice act is selected by the one who orders and pays for it, and not the studios themselves. But in terms of time it comes out about the same as that of the offices, about six months for a large game. The voice acting is unofficial and there is no way to start making it before the release of the game. Sit on a moped and accelerate is also not an option, it doesn’t work like that. Just as an example: the witcher 3 began to be voiced almost a year and a half before the release of the game.

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