Sven Vinka plans to appear at The Game Awards in armor

Larian Studios, founder and CEO of Swen Vincke, intends to appear at The Game Awards in his favorite style. According to many users, Baldur’s Gate 3 will ultimately be recognized as a game of 2023 year, and there is a real chance that the vinka will go on stage in his favorite armor to accept this award.

However, whether this glorious moment will come is still unknown – evil forces are trying to intervene in business. Vinka began to talk about the prospect a few days ago, incurred by fanatical fans of BG3. The idea seemed funny and cool, the players would like it, but the delivery of this line from (presumably) Belgium to Los Angeles will become an independent adventure.

Later he agreed to put on a suit, provided that the host of the screenwriter Adam Smith would dress up with a bear. Publisher Director Michael DAUS immediately began actions by placing on Twitter announcements for the sale of bear costumes and even offering to make up Smith himself.

But then there was a tragedy. Daus announced that a certain Nika (presumably the squire of Winka), responsible for transporting the armor, arose problems during transportation, which casts doubt on the possibility of a harness to Los Angeles to the beginning of the show. The publishing director called on the fans to pray that they could bring the armor on time, but later wrote that another plane was allocated to Nick.

These are the gaming industry, with an ardent passion for games. Down with managers with ties.

Remember what studios at 90-00 came to the market. Well, pure fans of their business and games. And what after. Business. Efficiency. Benefit. A game? People? Quality? Pf.

These are the profit with the above all Mikey, EA, gazebo and others. The Larias are not like that.

Only grandmas worry ties.

Again this bg3 trades remembered

Again adalat from his old PC on the Internet got out

The right decision, otherwise fans spray with saliva, and not fans still shoot from the crossbow.

He will take the sword and cut off his head to the dragon with the face of Todd Howard, that would be symbolic.

Well, Tod in his entire life created games stronger and cooler than vinka, so what is it

It just works, very "strong" Tod games.

You have armor – you have a success.

In the Games of Thrones, the brother of the sister began to demolish

It’s nice to see the comments of fans bg3.
But even more pleasant to see how the fans of Kolds and Fifs expire.

P.S. I wonder which of the Haters puts 12/10 of Sonya exam, including TLOU2 and Burning WHORES?

Almost all publications.

The most important thing to take for awards to take, they will definitely not be appropriate in my hands, I think it will take 5 pieces, the game of the year for sure.

According to his behavior and for the game that he made, we can say for sure that he is a schizoid, not to be confused with schizophrenia, these are completely different things. Only schizoids can create something worthwhile and new. All that was created and invented in this world – it was done by schizoids. The society of such people considers strange, but these are very smart people. Einstein, Perelman and others. But it seems that Todd Howard Narcissus, only knows how to boast.

"The schizoid upset of the personality is a person’s disorder, characterized by a tendency to avoid emotionally saturated relationships through excessive theorizing, closing in oneself, leaving in fantasy. In addition, they manifest such personality traits as emotional coldness, small interest in sexual contacts, the lack of special motivation for social interaction and preference for activity alone, as well as an angedonia. The term “schizoid” is introduced into psychiatry to designate personalities, by the nature of close to patients with schizophrenia."

In other words, do not fantasize, but we must study the meaning of the terms that you use.

Do not teach your father e **** if you are such intricacies as disorder and psychosis (diagnosis), then these are your problems.

Psychologist Anna Martynyuk believes that the recluse and strange behavior of the famous mathematician Grigory Perelman is associated with his schizoid character, however, pathological processes in his psyche may also indicate.“Of course, we cannot unequivocally assess the state of a person from other people’s words, since a personal conversation is needed for this. But, based on the descriptions provided by his acquaintances, it can be assumed that we are talking about a person of a so -called schizoid nature, ”she said in a conversation with a correspondent of“ joint venture ”

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And yes, I did not write anything about the disorder, but in addition to the disorder there is a schizoid accentuation or psychotype. The funny thing, when a person has not heard anything about this, draws conclusions only on the basis of stereotypes, at the same time he climbed to google and that the first one who came across threw me as evidence, and I have only known in recent years that I have been spinning in the topic of psychology. Hand face.