Hearing: Marvel’s Blade release will take place in 2027

It seems that the fans will have to wait at least three years to finally play the upcoming superhero game from Arkane Lyon. Jeff Grabb, a reliable insider, claims that Marvel’s Blade will be released in 2027.

Speaking during the recent podcast Xbox Era, a reliable author of leaks said:

This may mean that Marvel’s Blade will coincide with the release of the new Xbox console, perhaps it will come out for both Xbox Series S | X and the next Microsoft console. Since, according to rumors, Microsoft can release its next console in 2026, Marvel’s Blade can become one of the main demonstrations of the new "gland".

Interestingly, Jeff Grabb also suggested that 2027 is the earliest time. Thus, Arkane Lyon most likely left a place for possible delays and obstacles in development, being opened for another or two years of development, if such a need arises.

The latest Game Awards Award Ceremony brought to gamers exciting news, confirming Arkane Lyon’s intentions to adapt Marvel’s property in AAA. However, the announcement left the fans in anticipation of additional information, without offering the release date or details about the platforms.

The lack of clarity made fans suggest that the game was still at an early stage of development. The insider gave us an idea of ​​the alleged release dates, saying that most of the work on the project has not yet been completed.

I still can’t accept the fact that the 24th in a couple of days. How is it in 27m? Another 6-7 years to wait!

Every year phrase "survive to the release" It becomes less and less a figure of speech and an increasingly serious issue))

It would seem that modern technologies, neural networks, a bunch of specialists in the market, new engines, enormous opportunities, and the timing of game development is growing and growing.

At such a pace, in 10 years, the campaign will be developed at all for 20 years)

Here you have plans for the next 15 years. on the game every 5.

Well, if 30+ studios in the game will be released once every five years, then this is already 90 games in 15 years, which sounds very cool

Why is that? Previously, the games were also large -scale and it was more difficult to work on shooting, but they came out many times more often

The schedules and details had to be made less, and in principle, the deadlines did not increase so much, before 4 years they made big games, now in 5-6 years

Why not immediately in 2030?!

I hope to rain. The old Blade games are certainly not very look like. It would not be bad to cut a franchise.

Damn I would really like to play

Pack the announcement and tolerate Patam

Well, nothing, Microsoft likes to promise. You just have to wait. And everything will someday

Oh yes, other companies do not promise anything, CD Project Red, Sony, and so on, have never made announcements a few years before the release of XD are only so bad, wow villains

Name at least a couple of quality and interesting games, recent years. who released Microsoft? So that I just quit everything and ran after a praised box

Well, specifically, you are not obliged to run and quit everything, immediately it depends on the tastes purely. For me, for example, Sonya did not make a single game better than Starfield in the entire history of the curling iron. High Fi Rash is also a top -end game for which it is worth having a box. Halo Infinit, Forsza Horaison 5, SI of Sifs, Age of Empires 2 and 4. It can calmly be those games for which I can choose a box instead of a curling iron, in principle, I first bought it just, since for me it is a MAST HAV acquisition in this generation, a curling iron, on the contrary, a completely optional console for other people Naturally, other tastes and other preferences, someone in general for the sake of the flyer of the simulator and the motorport can take the console . By the way, I have both a PC and boxing and a curling pier.

You did not name a single new game for boxing. Hai Fa Rash did not play, we must try, but this is far from aaa project. To claim that Sony did not make a single game better than Starfield, well, this is already a clinic, friend. No offense. The Starfield yourself has been going through? You need to know English very well to read and translate all those unique dialogs. RUSSIFICATION on boxing do not put. So many people just missed him. Look at the wretched animation of people where there is no cinematographic camera and at 2023 loading scale is not funny.

I played the Starfield of 160+ hours and played the majority of Sonya’s ecz on my curling iron, I know what I’m talking about) there, on the fact of loading, from which the meme made the seconds 3 go, which does not affect anything at all and does not spoil the impression, If they didn’t make a meme from this, I wouldn’t even know that there is some kind of problem for someone) about the cinematic camera is also funny, well, this genre is like that, the dialogue of the EPTA, the first -person dialogs, the player, I like it more, like it more, like it, I like it. It gives more immersion, I still play in the RPG and not in Kinzo, but given that there is a hundreds with which there are hundreds of which you can talk quite understandable why they don’t have a mouse Kepcher’s animation, because there are simply no world budgets for this) And not a single Sonya game will replace me with a single gesture game) and even more so I did not spend as much time in a single game as I spent in Starfield,Not to mention other boxing games, in Halo Infinit the same I have 100+ hours the same way, while the most long games from Sony are 30 hours, my favorite game of the curling of Bloodborn, which in which year came out, 2014-15?, At the same time, there is a clock in 20 hours, with DLS 30 hours, like most games of a curling iron. Some Moles Morales generally pass for 10 hours, emergency 2 for 16. At the expense of the prescription of games, these are all games that recently released on boxing, High Fi Rash generally in the top of the best games of all time for me, this is a direct Mast Have to passage. It is not a novelty on boxing in essence only SI Sifs, this is the game -gross in which new plots and updates come out every year, therefore I perceive it as a continuation of history, this year for example, the Kygen plot company is added to SI Sifs, well In addition, this is one of the best cooperative games in general

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