Modders made “New S.T.A.L.K.E.R.”: With new missions and cool graphics

AP-Pro enthusiasts? True Stalker – large -scale modification on the basis of an improved engine “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat”. She adds to the game a new storyline, katsets, 13 locations (copyright and processed from the original trilogy), an improved interface and graphics, as well as the soundtrack of composer Yuri Yudin. You can download True Stalker by free from our site where fast download is available via torrent.

Gamers have to play for an ax – a stalker who decided to go for a cordon. Users will be offered to perform tasks, fight with opponents and explore the surroundings. The authors demonstrated all the features of the modification in the release trailer.

“S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat ” – a shooter from the GSC Game World, released on October 2, 2009 on PC. At the moment, it is considered the last part of the popular series. Release of the next game in the franchise, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, scheduled for 2024.

I tried it today. Damn they even optimized fucking grass. And so the mod seems to be cool (I passed a little) this moronic schizo of hardcoreity on light complexity (I really hope that it will not) took out the dogs with a knife, which is very cool since the animals from the firearm are still BDSM, it was still restored if it is not wants to eat, drink and do not hapal radiation. And there is no fright of cloudy of everything and everything and a garbage in the spirit of buy a bag for cartridges and other x *** neither. Voice acting, the tie seems to be banal, the interface is made closer to modern games. I recommend putting a launch from the admin, nothing was saved without it.
In short, taking into account that I score for many mods for one reason or another and generally cannot stand them from some of them. Since let’s say the plot is like OK, it’s interesting, but there is definitely a global one that everything will spoil everything, in this mod I still want to play just a new part of the new part, and not just a mod. He can become "Chronicles of myrtans" From the world of a stalker, if everything goes well.

There is no facility of hardcore on light complexity (I really hope that it will not) brought out the dogs with a knife, which is very cool since the living creatures from the firearm is still BDSM, the HP has recovered, if it does not want to eat, drink and there is no this Dolba’s clutter of everything and everything and garbage in the spirit buy a bag for cartridges and other x *** neither.

You must definitely not play in fashion for stalker, because hardcore elements make the gameplay interesting and the zone is really dangerous and atmospheric, as you can imagine a stalker without radiation, it is nonsense, the living creatures are removed from a gun or shotgun without problems.

Well, yes, you especially like how you release a clip in a person, and it is on your feet. Or you shoot in the head, and he fucks. Now, if these modern modern ones would be ZBS

But you are taken out of one cartridge by the most wretched bums per kilometer))

Firstly, there are different mods with different models of damage, secondly, it depends on which weapons you shoot, what type of cartridge and which part of the body, what armor is on NPS, and thirdly depends on your armor and on the arts.In Stalker, one of the best in the games of the jokes, each weapon shoots differently, has its own range of shots, laying and trajectory of bullet flight.

Moreover, there is no radiation here, there is a stump of stump there, like an anomalies are full (and there is an electrical hardcore here, or she has terrible timings or that xs), I mean if the player has no negative effects (forgot what is called on slang) then the CP is restored (ET on the light on other xs)
There are difficulties levels and it should be easily playable as in this fashion, and not as in the bulk of where they score all this.
The living creatures can and is taken out, but while you get the gun, and it itself is sharpened wretched under the firearm (pesoli in particular) a boar current with pigs like there, a stalker would be generally a full -fledged pack of neighbor
Let’s say in Farcry thanks to animations and others calmly from the firearm, no matter how the modern ones tried, but they are like that, plus they have a frequent respond.
I am atmospheric and in places as dangerous and krypova without any chordalities and other garbage, and in mods it is Shiza hardcore. And what is the problem to do as in this fashion, when the nerds are not able to calmly enjoy the plot mod.

And here Stalker 2 drove up, but you said it will not work

My dad has been playing a stalker since 2011, I must tell him. I think he will be glad))

Eh, when there is SGM 3.0

Everything is fine, but that the animations of drugs and food were not brought so atmospheric.

I watched the passage of the Flavar on YouTube. It was cool. I advise you to look)))

Finally.. waited.

The mod is excellent. The plot, interface, weather cycles, processed locations, secondary quests and many pleasant little things make this mod the best this year, and maybe over the past few years. SGM 3 remains.0 wait.

Voice acting pitch piz ***. 2 adult men go and speak the voices of schoolchildren.

The hero was driven – ax. What a game.

Well, the trailer is cool, I will download it and try, only the inventory and interface is somehow not very.

The mod is certainly cool, but here is the interface "Revised" Through one place processed. A strip of hp right below, the effects in the opposite corner of the card. While twisting your eyes in five seconds, was it really impossible to hang the effects of HP? The font of objects is the smallest. The new inventory first repels but then you get used to it. We need to wait a week until the people run up and the guys do a couple of fixes and then it will be possible to get high.

Agree. Why was such a Vasyan interface to do. Confident on its creation, colossal work has gone.

Respect, which all the same managed before the end of the year!

After Anomaly – this mod as a sip of fresh air in a stalker modding.

And before that he was scheduled for 2023, and earlier for 2022? )))

And even before that in 2008 when they threw all fans

but the saving do not work in this assembly team of AP-Pro enthusiasts please fix it)

Everything works, start on behalf of the administrator. Probably put on the system disk.

Everything is working. It loaded 10 times.

I tried this mod, optimization deserves respect, more than 100 FPS on maximums, but the graphon itself is somehow too rich and some kind of plastic or something or something

Picture saturation can be turned off in the game settings.

Thank you, I did not change anything here, I’ll try

So norms, but there are moments that pick up. For example, food, water, radiation indicators. Could you do as a percentage, otherwise dick will understand how much you are hapanovani is not clear. Although, the description of the subjects indicates the number of units, how much they improve or worsen the condition, then it is not clear to the hell? With health is the same. While at the beginning of the homeless) everything that I found, sold and bought the same medicine that was before the sortie) yes, and who is picked up too bright colors, in the settings to remove the box of saturation. For me, the atmosphere is lost by a stalker, when everything is bright green around. Although, it was not far from Chernobyl, there the foliage is really unrealistically large and green, like a Bud was painted with a Bud.

The third account? Or gutsz adopted under the noise?

True Stalker project with a capital letter that has surpassed even a lust of alpha, seven years of development were spent not in vain.This is a great reason, once again return to the game, those who love and repeatedly with different mods, passed the legendary stalker.

Coaches would be for this mod for the strength of weapons, otherwise to run every time for techniques for such pleasure.

Damn, so they survived, players in the stalker cannot correct the values ​​in LTX weapons.

Well, firstly, I never did it. Secondly, and so I play and no longer wait for the trainer, I have already reached the chapter 6.

And the ax will first be pulled out the ax at the end of the chapter 6, and on the 8th will be suspended by the hilt under the bridge)

Adam Kruatya Grafka..=))

Vosjuvka Vasyanskaya and so like the norms of the mod.

Cool graphics at what second to watch?

Phahaha "And cool graphics" ))) Please a time code for this graphics 🤣

Here will come out a stalker 2 and you will be graphonia

It is cool by the standards of the first stalker and not in the industry of modern. But the dogs even here look better than in the second part.