Fans consider Metal Gear Solid 3 the best game in the series

The Metal Gear Solid series left its mark on the gaming industry back in 1998. In subsequent years, the franchise parted with a circulation of 60 million copies, and the fifth game of the main series not so long ago celebrated the eighter anniversary.

With such a rich heritage, disputes about the best game in the series have always been fought. And although everyone has their own favorites, fans consider Metal Gear Solid 3 the best game in the entire series.

Reddit user recently asked fans to choose a favorite game of this cult franchise, and most seemed to stop on the third release. What makes Metal Gear Solid 3 better than the rest is that this part has finalized the established IP formula to perfection.

The game strengthened secrecy thanks to the camouflage system, encouraging players to adapt to the environment. This added an additional element of tactics to each fight, making them more memorable.

Metal Gear Solid 3 also became the 2004 visual showcase. Gloomy atmosphere, muffled colors and incredible incredible animation – in this game Hideo Kodzima created a cinematic experience that ahead of his time.

The narrative was undoubtedly the most memorable aspect of this game. Characters, such as the boss and Snake, have greater depth than typical game characters, each of which is guided by complex motives.

Although the Snake was originally instructed to kill the boss, his former mentor, the narrative is not as black and white as it could be expected, which led to incredible plot turns throughout history.

After Konami again showed interest in this IP, Metal Gear Solid 3 can now be played on modern equipment. However, the current port of the game is not the best that received negative reviews when exiting.

Nevertheless, the upcoming remake of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater looks very promising in the last gameplay, demonstrating amazing visual effects and updated mechanics of this classical game.