The release of the Trine 5 fairy -tale platformer was held: A Clockwork Conspiracy

Today, August 31, the Trine 5 fairy -tale platformer was released: A Clockwork Conspiracy on PC and consoles. They ask for a PC for the game 1100 rubles.

The wizard of Amadeus, the knight Pontius and the thief Zoya again together in the country full of dangers.

When a huge spot appears on their reputation, their loved ones fall into trouble, and their own magical forces are at risk, the heroes of the three should rally to repulse the terrible mechanical army and restore peace and justice!

Great. I’ll take it on NG.

And she became a series of Thrash Games according to your personal rating, as I understand it?

I look forward to a torrent publication)

Hooray – Already lifted!

Already lies on torrents..Is there English language

Fans of past parts will come in, a really cool platform in principle

The castle was brought small) but the joke is that everything is standard in the cats, lol) this suggests that Frozenbyte for 14 years of the series is going on for fundamental.

Why there are no 4 heroes? Can redo the world of the game – new mechanics!! and make some other characters or current, but more upgraded? I understand that killing a hero is painful, but still)

Outbreaks simply continues the idea of ​​4 parts. Nevertheless, in the prolon the norms are most with the knight, then the magician, and then the thief.

Fairytale world. Don’t know. Perhaps I wanted more dark stylistics, dangerous traps) It is clear that this is more suitable for the series more, like, despite the terrible things that are going on in it, you are relatively relaxing. Cracking does not want the game to strain)

OST everything is as good as well, there is no doubt about it. I still have a playlist with 4, when there are so many class melodies, you rarely see in games)

But animations as for me could be better) there is a wheel of emotions for the chat)

All the same essentially skills, but there is still a gust of wind, explosives, bombs there is something..

And now, drops of water for a bucket can be gradually filled, it does not go astray, you don’t only need to put it to be typed) – this is in the prologue, then it is still necessary "hold" longer to fill, otherwise it falls!