A dispersed to 8 GHz Intel Core i9-14900k issues more than 1300 frames in Counter Strike 2

Examples of high -class dispersal are of great interest among the enthusiasts community, mainly because often squeezed performance exceeds the indicators set by previous world records.

Similarly, at the SXSW in Sydney, the AU Overclocking team was able to use the power of the Flagship of the 14th generation Intel processor Raptor Lake Refresh Core i9-14900k, which led to an excess of more than 1300 frames in the recently released game Counter Strike 2.

Achieving such performance is a difficult task, and this requires "Excessive" Using liquid nitrogen. To strengthen interest in this work, the Vice President and CEO of Intel for enthusiast PCs and the Client Computing Group workstations Roger Cundler poured the first portion of liquid nitrogen on the test stand.

It is interesting to see Intel’s representative office at the event, since it not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to its community of accelerators, but is also a way "Official" recognition of achievement, and in this case FPS line.

When accelerating Team Au, the Intel Core i9-14900K processor was used, which initially comes with a frequency of 6 GHz from the box, which in itself is an achievement. However, to obtain maximum performance, the processor was dispersed before 8 GHz, which led to an excess of 1310 frames per second at Counter-Strike 2.

Someone may argue that the action player is not at all a demanding game, but the game has excellent compatibility with targeted speed indicators per second, which is why it occupies a leading position in the scenarios of overclocking the games. Counter-Strike 2 is able to withstand high clock frequencies, since the game is more "Depends on the processor".

It has already been said about the record frequency of the Core i9-14900K processor, which reached 9.1 GHz. If you attribute this figure here, it may be likely that the achieved personnel will exceed 1310, but this, the most stable game acceleration, which turned out to reach the frequency of 8 GHz.

Raptor Lake Refresh arouses great interest among the ovencen community, and it is interesting to see how this model will show itself in the future.