A new trailer for the construction simulator of the ancient settlement Humanica came out

Humanica is a game -symbol of an ancient settlement, characterized by extensive technological development. Test a trip from sticks and stones to iron tools and windmills. Survive, explore, build, sell, open.

This game was developed by one person – Andrei Panfilov (Panfach) (official name of the studio: Panfachdev). The release of early access is scheduled for the end of 2023 for PC with Windows on Steam.

  • The main goal is to choose a strategy (one of three) and become the best among other settlements.
  • Gameplay is divided into days. Every day is a turn from the point of view of a step -by -step strategy.
  • A world map that can be explored and on which you can interact with neighboring settlements and other objects.
  • Unusual square landscape and the ability to change it at your discretion.
  • Non -standard construction grid of irregular quadrangles.
  • Gameplay and settlement change depending on the current era.

10,000 years before the Christmas of Chrisov. You have to go a difficult path of development of mankind from the Paleolithic to the Iron Age. The game presents a massive technology tree that will radically change your play style and transform the appearance of your settlement beyond recognition.

It’s not just a sandbox. You have to compete with neighboring settlements with your own desires and ambitions. This means that your task is to become the best. Select one of the strategies that you will adhere to the end of the game. You can go a military path by becoming a conqueror, turning your neighbors into vassals and instilling fear in all. Or you can choose a trading route – you will get unique opportunities for mass production of goods and various tricks for the sale of valuable resources. Or the cultural path – you will create various masterpieces and explore the ancient ruins in the surrounding wild world in order to increase the cultural value of your civilization.

The ancient world is full of dangers. Get food and resources. Excess a harsh winter – for this you need to stock up on enough food and warm clothes. Build a protective wall and guard towers. Only wild, hungry animals will be disturbed first. But then a more serious threat will come – you are besieged by hordes of nomads and barbarians. Or you will cross the road to your neighbor? Then he wants to take revenge and send his army to your lands.

Become a witness to the agrarian revolution. Invent bronze and iron tools. Build new buildings and invent new ways to produce food. Adapt to an unusual area – you will have to learn how to build stairs on the slopes and bridges through the gorges. Or you can just leve a hill with shovels.