According to rumors, a large -scale royal battle in the Halo universe from Certain Affinity was canceled

According to rumors, the unannounced royal battle for Halo Infinite was canceled from Certain Affinity, under the code name Project Tatanka, was canceled even before it became known about it.

Despite the fact that Halo Infinite, of course, has achieved significant success in comparison with the state in which it entered the market, we can say with confidence that over the past few years the series has experienced not better times. However, a few years ago the situation was different: there were several promising Halo projects in the development, which in recent years almost nothing was heard.

Thanks to the consistent seasons and significant Halo Infinite content updates, it has finally became the game that should have always been.

One of these non -anneized projects was the game in the Royal Battle of the Halo Universe from Certain Affinity, which helped in the development of Halo Infinite. This non -anneized game was called Project Tatanka, and for the first time it was reported in April 2022 about it. Last year, Jason Schreyer from Bloomberg even reported the project, saying that he was developing "in different directions" After it began as a royal battle.

We have not heard anything about the Tatanka project for a long time, nor about the future of the Halo series, but it seems that there are bad news for those who hoped for the royal battle focused on the Spartans. As reported by Sabredite Gamingleaksandrumours, the gaming insider Shpeshal_nick recently talked about the game during the episode of the Xboxera podcast and stated that it was canceled.

During the podcast, Shpeshal_nick raises a rumor and reports that the Colteastwood insider said that the project was postponed, that he then confirms that he and other leading Xboxera podcast also heard about this. Then the insiders argue about whether the project was postponed or canceled, and Shpeshal_nick claims that it was completely canceled and is unlikely to return.

It is worth recalling that the Schreyer report previously stated that the game "evolved" into something else than just a royal battle, so what Certain Affinity was working on, in the end it can see the light as something else than the game in this genre. However, now Shpeshal_nick and other Xboxera insiders seem to be sure that the project was simply closed and it will not see the light.