Armored Core 6 spectacular wages received approval from devoted connoisseurs of the series

Fromsoftware showed that it is hidden under the hood of a fur fury in the recent detailed gameplay demonstration Armored Core 6, and the first reviews say that this can be one of the best games created by the Elden Ring developer. The release date of Armored Core 6 is rapidly approaching, and ardent AC fans and experts Armored Core Legacy could not resist the praise of the Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon.

Employees of Armored Core Legacy ‘Fromcheng’, ‘Cleric’ and ‘Zealousac’ talked about their impressions of the latest FromSoftware game, and the fighting of the game received the exceptional love of the group. Zealousac describes clashes on four -legged furs (quadrocopters) as "The greatest evolution", especially when it comes to their ability "float in the air".

Zealousac explains that "If you press the Boost button in the air, each of the four legs will germinate with a modular set of additional amplifiers in one of the most metallic compact transformation animations that can be found in the game about furs.

According to Clerik, "missions can be long. On average, I would say that they are approximately the same as in previous games, and some are even longer". Given that, according to some reports, the duration of the Armored Core 6 is about 60 hours, this means that you will have enough time to overcome all the bosses of the Armored Core 6.

Like Elden Ring, Bloodborne or Sekiro, each Fromsoftware game has its own story, which needs to be studied and explored. Although some players can immerse themselves in the Armored Core 6 exclusively for the exciting action, fromCheng assures fans that the basis of the game is still an intriguing plot.

The narrative is more reminiscent of the Armored Core 4 and 5, with a slight emphasis on personal topics among more large -scale topics, corporate wars and sabotage

In addition, AC Legacy participant notes that "Probably the most important thing is that the plot is still only a background for the gameplay, which should be just what it should be". If you are interested, then everything will be in order if you rummage thoroughly".