Each planet at Star Wars Outlaws will offer unique game experience

The creative director of Star Wars Outlaws Julian Geraita told in a recent interview Famitsu that the upcoming game with the open world of the Star Wars from Ubisoft will offer a completely different gameplay depending on the planet/

The translated passage from the interview reads:

During the development, we remembered that each planet should offer a different game process. For example, on Toshara (the planet shown in the last Ubisoft Direct trailer), you can explore the vast wild on a gravitics, and on another planet you can become an inconspicuous thief operating in the criminal world of the city.

Herait also adds that the game has no large number of planets or planets with automatic generation (as in Starfield or No Man’s Sky). However, in the world of games there will be both new planets and cult planets "Star Wars".

It is understood that Lucas Film takes an active part in the creative process, and the idea that the game will take place between 5 and 6 episodes belongs to Lucas Film. Lucas Film helps not only with the plot and history, but also with gameplay, so we can expect a product, the most true original story.

The main philosophy of Outlaws, as shown in the trailer, is to ensure a single -user seamless experience that changes between the study of noisy cities, races by fields on gravitsyls, jumping into spacecraft and hyperproduction travel through the entire galaxy. Only the planet Toshara is more than Washington, the District of Colombia in The Division 2.

Carlson also added that players will be able to configure spacecraft, engravicists and blaster pistols (various modules that add attributes, for example, explosive cartridges) can be attached to the pistols). Slowed shooting at the gravicircle shown in the trailer is one of many skills that players can unlock, players can also select weapons used by enemies and use it in battle. Hints that the system of reputation, mentioned in the trailer, will affect the history of the protagonist in different ways, but so far little is known about this.

Star Wars Outlaws will be released in 2024 at the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.