For Genshin Impact, a patch 4.1 with a continuation of the main plot, new heroes and locations

Hoyooverse continues to work on expanding the huge in -game world in Genshin Impact. More recently, a separate region for research has opened in the game – Fontaine, and today it is expanding with new opportunities along with the release of updating 4.1. Fresh patch adds new locations, heroes, chain of tasks and much more.

In patches 4.1 The main story of Genshin Impact is ongoing, which is now unfolding around the local hydrochont and trial with the participation of several key characters. The developers also added new legends and additional quests that can be found during the study of the open world.

Another important innovation was the expansion of Fontaine. Now players will be able to explore the research Institute of Kinetic Energy Fontaine and the Liffy area. In addition, new places of fishing and radiant crystals were added to the region.

The update adds new playable characters to the game: Hydraulicizer Nyvillet and Cryo Catalyst Rizley. In addition, the Genshin Impact new equipment for heroes and the system of daily instructions: Adventure experience. This is how the developers describe the new mechanics:

You can perform various training tasks and accumulate training points that can subsequently be exchanged for awards for instructions without fulfilling daily instructions. Every day in this way you can get up to 4 awards for instructions. Having received four awards (through the points of the order or simply by fulfilling daily orders), you will not be able to get more awards. In this case, go to Katerina to get additional awards for the implementation of daily assignments.
Learning tasks do not affect daily instructions. You can advance on assignments, even if you have reached a limit for obtaining awards.
Training points act only during the day and are reset along with the update of daily assignments.

Patch 4.1 has already been installed on the main Genshin Impact servers for PC and other platforms. For technical work during the update of the game, developers give out compensation in the amount of × 300 stones of the source.