For the tactical strategy, Jagged Alliance 3 has been renewed 1.02

The developers of Jagged Alliance 3 announced the release of Patch 1.02 exactly a week after starting the game. The team strives to further improve the gameplay, noting that this patch is the first in a series of planned updates.

Among the most noticeable changes in patch 1.02 can be distinguished that the income from the mines will now decrease more slowly as soon as they begin to exhaust. Combat interactions will also be automatically highlighted at the end of the battle, and the state of switching will be saved on different maps. The patch allows players to increase the scale of the image in the view mode, and the mercenaries can now use specialization "Hand -to -hand combat", Even being unarmed.

Among the many problems solved in this update are the absence of mercenaries and an empty AIM database. In addition, the patch corrects problems such as using the scores of action (AP) for free move when attacking, as well as reproduction of music and other sounds in monophonic mode instead of stereo. The problem associated with the transfer of cartridges from one detachment to another was also solved.

As for the changes related to the battle, then in patch 1.02 Fixed an error because of which in the user interface was not displayed in a gray color icon of attack in close combat, when the mercenary did not have an AP for the attack, but there was free movement. In addition, the problem was fixed, which led to the fact that the deployment and scenery phase broke at the entrance to the inventory.

Several quest errors are also fixed in patches, including the error that arose at the end of the Twin Manors quest, and the problem that prevented it from correcting the battle in C7u. The team corrected the situation when some enemies did not appear in Old Diamond, as a result of which the players stuck in conflict without enemies. The patch also corrects the problem due to which the character of Chimureng disappeared when he was going to rest.

Additional corrections relate to problems with the art design and user interface of the game. When combining objects, the most experienced mercenary in the sector is now used, and not in the detachment, and when folding the weapon, damage is now displayed, even if it is in the cache of the sector.

In the systemic and multi -user aspects of the game, Patch offers several improvements and corrections. In particular, when canceling/interrupting operations, a crafting fee is now returning. Ultra-teni were adjusted to minimize the impact on the number of frames per second (FPS). Among the corrections for the multiplayer is to eliminate the lock during the reassignment of mercenaries in the cooperative during deployment, as well as soft blocking, when different functions did not work on the mercenaries.