In Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 will be a storyline resembling Cyberpunk 2077

The developers from The Chinese Room studio conducted another live broadcast, in which they revealed new details of the promising role action Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2. The fresh diary of the developers was dedicated to one of the most central parts of the game – the main character, which determines the narrative and even game mechanics. Along with this, the authors reported the presence of an element that greatly resembles one of the main features of Cyberpunk 2077.

As noted by the authors of the sequel Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines, players will be able to form a unique story of a protagonist who will determine the relations of the characters to him. The chosen clan will largely determine the framework of the behavior of the protagonist. Belonging to a certain clan can help in some situations, but players should remember the main dogmas of this clan. If your behavior contradicts the philosophy of the clan, then this will necessarily be noticed by other characters and may affect the course of some events.

According to the developers, players will take control of their extremely strong senior vampire, who are afraid of other representatives of the Dark World. The characters will be very careful in communicating with you and even try to manipulate you. No one wants to start such a powerful enemy, they say in The Chinese Room. At the same time, players will be able to independently decide which of their abilities should be revealed to others.

As for the element similar to Cyberpunk 2077, here we are talking about the satellite of the protagonist. In the course of the game you will accompany you "Voice in the head" By the name of Fabin. He will be a kind of conductor, both for a protagonist and players. From him it will be possible to learn more details about Seattle, and the origin of Fabin will become known as the main plot of Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 develops. The characters will lead dialogues on various topics and periodically enter into disputes, which resembles the relationship of Vi and Johnny Silly Super from Cyberpunk 2077.

Vampire release: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 should take place in 2024 on PC and consoles. New details about action will be announced today as part of the PC Gaming Show. We will remind, earlier we became aware of two playable clans: Tremers and Bruch.