Insomniac Games defended Starfield after criticizing the game menu

In recent days, a series of complaints about Starfield, the upcoming game of Bethesda for Xbox and PC appeared on social networks. In particular, the chart of the community has been criticized by the game menu. In defense of colleagues in the workshop, the company Insomniac Games, owned by PlayStation.

It all started with the fact that some gamers who gained early access to the game expressed their opinion on Twitter. One of the former employees of Blizzard made unpleasant remarks about the design of the game, and its message received wide publicity on the social network, gaining 8.8 million. Views.

The nature of the starting screens. The game screensaver can tell a lot about how much the developer team was in a hurry and how proud they are of their work. The Starfield starting screen can be judged by the release time, to which the enthusiastic team was in a hurry, overworking, or a developer who did not care.

In the Bethesda itself, in the person of Pete Hines, the heads of the editorial department, considered criticism too harsh and unprofessional, which expressed other developers to express their position on this issue. So, James Stevenson, the Director of the Community and Marketing at the InSomniac Games, defended the results of work on Starfield and drew attention to:

Stevenson: I just want to remind you that the monetization of Twitter will allow people to earn on the culture of indignation here (as is the case on YouTube and in other places). Some puddles, menu, anything. What they really want is to achieve attention to themselves and response.

Pete Hines: thank you for reminding.

In fact, it all comes down to what Hines said. It is absolutely fair not to love a specific style or example of the start screen, just as not to love a specific genre of game. But, mixing his personal feelings and insulting statements to the developers, as Kern did, he moves from expressing feelings to claims about facts. Similar Lunge in style "No one asked" It is practically specially designed to ensure that the figurative raising of the hands turned out, by the way, one of the Twitter users drew attention to, reminding Haines, which was probably the purpose of this.