Players indicate a big omission to Starfield and wonder if the modders can fix this

Recently, a significant part of Starfield players drew attention to the absence of cybernetic augmentation in the game of a large omission in a galactic role -playing game. And although some fans have already addressed the modders with a request to correct this problem, in the foreseeable future, such requests are unlikely to be satisfied.

Many NPCs and the details of the environment in the last game Bethesda refer to cybernetic augmentation, including bionic limbs and cranial implants. But although such improvements are an integral part of the story of Starfield, they are not presented in gameplay, with two small exceptions.

Hundreds of Starfield fans expressed their disappointment in such a state of affairs, and thousands voted to take their collective opinion on the first page of the largest subredredit of the game. Some players who joined the discussion said that they did not expect Starfield to include cybernetic augmentations if Bethesda did not decide to make them such an important part of the history of the game. For example, in role -playing game, war veterans are repeatedly mentioned, using high -tech prostheses to overcome their disability, and many NPCs in the New Atlantis, Neon and other settlements can also be seen with external facial implants.

The last option is already available in the game, but only in the form of a head accessory, which, in fact, is a hat and gives a 5%increase in intimidation without any shortcomings. Some fans, on the contrary, hoped for a thinner cybernetic system with many options that have both pluses and cons, both in Starfield are features and background. At the moment, the only opportunity to get a constant cybernetic implant in the game is the passage of one quest line of the faction in Neon. This unlocked opportunity visually does not change the appearance of the protagonist, but will give him indirectly useful skill.

Although some players have already addressed the Modders community with a request to eliminate this omission, their requests are unlikely to be satisfied in the near future: the implementation of bioonic augmentations as a game mechanics will require tremendous development efforts, and this, therefore, depends on the release of the Creation Kit. Until Bethesda releases the official modding tools, even the simplest mods will remain a difficult task.

Fortunately, the studio has already confirmed that the release of Creation Kit is scheduled for the beginning of 2024.