Ron Don Don! The legendary Need for Speed ​​Underground turned 20 years old

Need for Speed ​​Underground is certainly the most cult game of the franchise. From the system of customization, the famous tuning to various game modes, including even drag racing, the game was remembered as a milestone in the genre, since many games copied its successful elements.

And it was on November 17 that Need for Speed ​​Underground entered consoles and PC.

Inspired (or not) franchise "Furious", Need for Speed ​​Underground brought into the series all those elements that made the film so successful. The main of them was an unprecedented, especially in aesthetic plan, a system of customization, which allows you to turn the usual everyday car into a knight of night streets. To do this, it was possible to add details such as aerodynamic body kit and bamers that increase the clutch with the road and the speed of the car, as well as introduce the famous NOS, which, when activated, makes the car develop high speed in a short period of time.

Not without an aesthetic component: it was just possible to change the color of the car, apply stickers to the body, and also change the color of unusual elements, such as windows and rim of wheels. And finally, neon lights, allowing to paint the bottom of the car in different colors. I dare to assume that more than half of the players spent more time to set up their cars than behind races on the routes of the game.

There is another element characterizing the game – its soundtrack. It is impossible not to recall the game without remembering the famous song Get Low, which met players at the entrance to the game.

According to Electronic Arts, the game Need for Speed: Underground became a commercial hit: by mid -2004, its sales around the world exceeded 7 million copies.

For many years, rumors have been going on that Need for Speed ​​Underground allegedly will become a remake. However, UA has not yet confirmed anything. One can only hope that the remake of the classic game will be made at the same high level as the original.