Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew received two DLCs with new characters and free update

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew marks the end of the era, being the last game from Mimimi Games, in which a cheerful pirate story combines with the culmination of the studio experience in creating a deep tactical gaming process. Fortunately, given the surprise of the decision to close the studio, they can say goodbye to their fans by releasing two significant DLCs. Together, they add two new characters, two new islands and new opportunities for use.

Two DLCs are called Yuki’s Wish and Zagan’s Ritual and belong to two new characters who bring a lot of new gameplay and missions.

Yuki – Corsair of Japanese origin, her raccoon kuma joins her. Yuki playing is based on the installation of enemies trap, and the kuma is an integral part of this. One of the traps is a “stretch” that will instantly kill the first enemy, which will enter it, with the exception of prognosticars, since they can resist anyone for one attack. Kuma has a skill called “Tanuki Parade”, which lures enemies to him. The use of this in combination with Yuki skills allows the couple to relatively easily destroy enemies, including relatives, and is a satisfactory strategy.

Zagan – prognosticar, member of the Inquisition and usually a very valuable goal. However, Zagan loves to experiment, shot himself from a black pearl and went over to the side of the undead. This did not prevent him from experimenting in this life, and he turns to the Red Marley team. One of the reasons is help in experiments, and the other, perhaps, help in the fight against the Inquisition. The price that Zagan paid for becoming part of the undead is that he lost the defense that his position once gave him.

The forces of the bog are also used to destroy enemies, but sometimes they also make it vulnerable. Its abilities include a catatonic grip that immobilizes the guards, turning them into a catatonic state. Another force is dark excision, it holds the enemy, and then after a short time kills him. The use of this ability is to bite out the health point. The compression Edron allows you to keep the enemies in place for an unlimited time and imperceptibly, but so far this attack is active, Zagan cannot move.