STELLAR BLADE with a sexy heroine can get the “new game+” mode on the release

The possibility of re -passing the game with already obtained skills and weapons in the form of mode "New game+" is an almost integral part of any modern game. Basically, this function is found in single -user games, allowing players to outplay the game with most updates, as well as with increased complexity of opponents and resource deficiency, which generally makes the second passage more interesting. This significantly increases the reiglability of the game. Such an expected action with a hot main character as Stellar Blade, simply cannot do without "New game+" Already on the release.

The fact that in Stellar Blade at the start will be "A new game+", Journalists from the portal Essentiallysports are sure. In their opinion, this is generally a mandatory function for most gaming innovations, and for the debut action from Shift Up, this function will serve as an excellent tool for holding players, even if they have questions about the plot.

Also in the media are convinced that "A new game+" Stellar Blade needs Sony herself. This will allow companies to avoid negative criticism from players who have long been pursuing the company. For those who are not in the know, one of the large PS5 exclusives last year was released without NG+. It was the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games. Yes, the NG+ function has already been confirmed for playing in future updates, but was not available at the time of launch in October 2023. In fact, many of the recent exclusives for PS4/PS5 were released without NG+, which caused user discontent.

Taking into account this criticism, it seems likely that Sony will try not to repeat this mistake with Stellar Blade. Being a console exclusive, it will initially be available only to PS5 owners. And they will not like it if the game is deprived of ng+ at the start. Fans who are looking forward to Stellar Blade, recently expressed this opinion on Reddit. In their opinion, it would be perfectly possible to get full experience from a slasher with a re -passage function. They are calling for developers to pay attention to their request now.