The authors of The Outlast Tials are going to “add new mini-games” very soon “very soon

Red Barrel Studios, developer The Outlast Tritios, in an interview with Dualshockers reported plans to expand the game lobby by including even more mini-games that players will be able to test between the stages "real" gameplay.

Philippe Morin, head of Red Barrel Studios, said: "We are currently working on another [mini] game. She is almost ready, and I think that people will like her".

Speaking about the types of mini-games that the team is going to add to The Outlast Trit, Maurin said:

On the table are ideas related to psychological testing, or ways to test players with the help of mechanics that would be funny and at the same time correspond to the idea that we are washing your brains. That is, we want to know what your psychological state.

Morin admitted that the studio was surprised by the popularity of the mini-game "Armrestling" in The Outlast Trit, but intention has always been aimed at creating an exciting lobby.

In addition, he said that the Murkhoff object on which the game takes place is located next to the Havasupai reservation, where Outlast 2 was held, and that the local building of The Outlast Tials can be seen in Outlast 2:

I don’t know if you noticed, but when you were on the other side of the lake [in Outlast 2], you could see the antenna and the object in the background.

What mini-games. There are main tests on the fingers, but they will add mini-games, geniuses!

It would be better if the normal third (more precisely fourth) part began to develop. And then – with the plot. The first part is still in principle at the discussion, and the first part itself is quite fair, and the DLC was in the set of excellent game, even if it will not be everyone else), but quite suitable. The second part did not go to everyone, and even the interval connecting both parts filled only a little-known comic book from several issues (yes, the incident in the second part occurred due to what happened in the final of the first), but even that the game delayed, offering a completely different. But this cooperative-you absorb all the basics for the first hour and it seems like you go out of the variety of bosses, and then ran back and forth, do not scare, the attacks of any boss are identical to other bosses, and in general, after even some sediment, there are no way to discuss with someone the end of the plot – in fact there is not even. All that I and my friends could discuss about this game –
"-Played at Outlast Tials?
-Yes, nothing like that
-Well, yeah
The end of the discussion"
In general, I do not think the game is bad, but I’m sure that the outfits themselves wanted to make it more diverse, but they finished it just that. And it is quite possible to play it

The game itself is a collection of these mini games, if you think that more is better, not always.

I do not play games that roll out in the early access, as it is full of games in the late access in the end.