The neural network duplicated Baldur’s Gate 3 into Russian using original English voices

The user under the nickname Redpax, who previously published the sensational trailers of Cyberpunk 2077 voiced into English, shared a new fragment of the Baldur’s Gate 3 voice acting using a neural network, where the original votes of the actors were taken as the basis.

The author also shared the information that at this time he launched the process of complete localization of the Phantom Liberty supplement for Cyberpunk 2077, this can be found in more detail on his discord server on the Russification of the game.

This is the worst news for dubbing actors, but progress was going on and not to stop it.

No actors or studios were going to voice this game, so let them chew chew.

You are not aware of the complete significance of his words.

I think they can go dick, since they lie down under the Poles. I understood the whole point if that.

Yeah. dictator for 100 hours of content voice. Hehhehehheh

So far, that the real voices are far away, but it does not look bad.

The man turned out to be perfectly perfectly, but the dictator will not hurt the post.
But this is amazing how the technology has reached.

"I am a robot", "Terminator", Yes, and there are still feature films in which very similar topics are discussed)))

And in my opinion it is normal

Only these are entertaining and not documentaries. Their essence is not to carry the truth, but to make it so that everything is as terrible and spectacular as possible. And to say let’s forbid AI because I saw a horror movie where he scrambled all, ridiculous. Let’s forbid dolls for children then. Otherwise I have seen what could be in the movie Chucky.

not not, I’m to the fact that there are a lot of science fiction at past centuries very often "predicted" The future is almost in detail. And in the case of these "entertainment" films, the same thing can happen.

I think in reality there will be something average. Not too utopian and not too terrible. It’s rather boring to take a horror movie about it or write a fantastic novel.

Powerful. If this is true, then the neural network is already translating better than in the official translations of games from the beginning of zero.

She does not translate but voices

Not perfect – in some places it cuts in the ears, but on the other hand it is to aphage how cool given that time and money are not spent on it

Money is spent and very big as time

And what money is spent on?

You, apparently, think that all these training neurons and speech synthesis occurs on the capacities of the pathipon while sitting in the toilet?

I do not think anything. Just asked

The screenshot only confirms the fact that it is necessary to arrange charitable fees. Ala gamevoice, but not so huge

For (actors) dubbing – a free cash desk in a five.

Actors there are already trying to push the law on copyright for their votes. Only xs "Piratov" It will stop.

On the topic of neuron and dubbing I recommend video from the same author: first options with weak teaching neuron, then with a more trained.

Actors slightly overestimate their significance. Speech synthesis is the same progress and automation of human work processes. And then no one created laws that prohibit automation of human labor? How many people have lost their jobs or, in principle, entire professions became unnecessary due to progress.

Well, they will cling to the fact that the synthesis does not do something original, but uses their personal voices. And so yes, automation at the conventional plant does not borrow anything from the employee which was then fired for unnecessary.

The timbre of the voice is slightly twisted and no longer their voice and you can’t prove anything)

In India, they accepted, there what can be done up to 10 people is forbidden to do with technology

Not bad, but badly believe that the whole game will be translated like that .

ahahaha, these two were jokes, now they are not needed by no-ko-mu)

It is strange that you needed so much not meaningful jamb and the next stage is strange that you are so cruel and yourself, being sinners, never forgive your idols and idols.

At first, their slaves are also Donatitis for the opportunity to speak out, more often a empty comment, and then suddenly they mistaken and you immediately make yourself like a kind of executioners – folk heroes.

You either remove the cross, or put on my panties.)) It’s like to burst mannered mannered all my life, and before her death to blame her for not being "Capitol Dawg", For $ 145.49.

Oh, my dream about which I dreamed about so long

The narrator’s voice is not very good, but already impressive.

Yes, do not stop progress.

No wonder the actors are anxious.

Let’s go to the whiners, the translation is not to say that the fire, but also not bad. The translation suits me at this stage. We are simply grateful that someone took up this.

Eh … soon the neural network will replace people who comment here here news

I didn’t guess a little, not commentators (who will eat advertising), but those who place the news.

It’s not bad, but it feels like a neural network picked up the voice of one of our dubbing actors a very familiar voice, by the way, in the same article on VKPlay is written "He made the voices of the characters similar to the original", As always the names of the article on is not true. Of course I am a little "Dushnya)", But this is not the first time that!

ahaahahhah an excuse about the complexity of voice acting and large volumes will no longer roll.

Once again proves that to eat slop in some in DNA straight.

You are to yourself or something?

ahahah at the chela nick Anton Logvinov. How is there from the upper Internet, it does not blow?

Everything, voice acting studios no longer needed – the neural network will cope with everything

well, a neural network should also re -call, tease and collect files back, etc.
So there will be studios, but the main severity will take on the AI. Although, if it develops so, then I think the developers themselves will make them voice acts on all languages

Actually neuronka, it is necessary to use not all projects so to speak, but on those where the leg (that is, the voice of dubbing) of a person who ever arrives, I would not mind passing BG3 again with English voice acting.

at the moment 02:43 Tap-Tap Tadyshcht just killed.

The bathroom that GTA6 will be voiced that way, not a single studio because the volumes will not pull.

Not a single stedum will not allow to voice. Rockstars do not allow anyone to voice their games, and "Pirate studios" They will be binded to bind to them.

Well, yes. In the English Federation. Started. Yeah.

Well, they ragged with the pshek.

And the news is actually great!

Wow is really a gorgeous job

For lack of the best, this option is just a masterpiece!

Played Hogwards Legashi with machine voice acting and there was a normus. Well, it will go, like! Everything is better than reading and trying to catch what is happening on the screen

And this is a giant step forward!

Soon it seems like Hogwarts will make an addition there people raised money for the voice acting Game Voice

And how a voice acting to you? For me, so the buzz is full =)

What, Kada there Starfield will duplicate.

Even a little dumb from what the computer voices with intonation and almost good. If I did not know that it was a neuronian, I would have thought that real actors were voiced, but not the best microphone

voice acting is even better than in old pirate on ps1

And what is not bad, a lot of time to translate is this necessary?

The neurona itself will manage for 30 minutes, judging by the voice acting of the Phantom Liberty trailer.

The better you teach her, the better and more quickly translate.

The author said that he has 4080 pieces, so who has it, the author has 30 minutes, and the usual mortal with at least one 4080 is many times longer

How sediment is the dumb gg looks like

A little more news on the neuro sound of Phantom Liberty. Redpax said that he did not even need donates. He has access to the 40 GPU mining farm and the neural network is studying on it. (If something is quite public and travels to Tesla in Moscow)

Well, it is not surprising that people with a mining farm ride Tesla)

In my opinion, perfect.Great dubbing. Such would adapt to any game.

So you can create an application that in real time will translate everything that is reproduced by one of the channels on the computer and immediately voice.

Nafig cyber, let it be better off the full voice acting bg3

Crap! Not bad. I would like to hear the neuronian to the Elden Ring.

There dialogs then the cat cried 🙂

The game of the year all the same.

This is where each character (which is 10 from the strength) is exhausted from the BG3 with "Thou Mast They Willt" -Ami brain?

Where can I download? Urgently! Where can I download.

Handsome or handsome man is a revolution! The same thing that people launched a satellite into space ! )

An extremely necessary thing for old films/animations that have never been translated into English never or had a all -time cheap translation

I will ask you not to touch the old translations.Never a single dubbing will allow Ursula from "Mermaids" Say her crown: "Oh she, slut!")))

Soon it will be possible to no longer steam with English localization – thanks AI) I hope it will not be taught the agenda))

Look a little wider, the studio will throw $ 20-30 thousand and receive voice acting for 10 or more languages.

Yes, this is understandable) but now they will not be able to punish the lack of English localization))

And II is not English, everything is abroad.

This will not stop our brother))

All abroad in China, questions?

Now neurons are much better than what happened before. If earlier they sounded like tin banks, now practically cannot be distinguished from a real voice, if you do not listen to jambs with intonations and stresses. So now along the way you will not have to wait for the years of Russification and collect millions for fees to the actors of the voice.

But you can link to DS ?

Discord (voice acting Phantom Liberty)

One scene of several thousand is announced quite well 👍

The voice acting of the storyteller is just Roflyan – as if Skvizgar Squielf had become a woman)

They are here to make a voice acting with a metal. They will do everything with a metal. Blacier than the black blackness of infinity.

Kaffr, bypassing of sanctions and studio dubbing will leave

Handsome. Yes, in the near future, many professions will disappear relevant in our time.

Well. voices really sound perfect, just like human. I hope that this neuron will voice such games as GTA 4, 5, 6, RDR2, Saints Row 3, 4, 2022 and many others. Even if emotions will not be transmitted somewhere, this is not scary. But I won’t be surprised if it turns out that this is a fake, that this video was actually voiced by people, the voices sound too human, just an order of magnitude better than in all other machine voice acts that I heard earlier.

On the one hand, it’s good, but on the other, it’s not very good, due to the fact that many Western films have left the English Federation, and the game also, our dubbing actors lost a lot of work, and this is not good.

The neural network created the Poles.

Dear, please do this with the trilogy of mass effect! Humanity deserved to the year. After a gold edition.

This is a living person with "stretched" the voice of the original? Or this is the neuronian that recently translated all the main English -speaking memes into English?

Suitable great for many. Who does not want to bother with the sub. But IMHO in this game is not very necessary for English voice acting. I really like the selected actors English voice acting, Astarion, for example, is just incomparable.

Also, there are practically no dialogs in the process of gameplay, when, for example, you need to manage the Persian, park or do something else, and at the same time read. For example, it was done in an atomic hard. Even taking into account the fact that there is no need to read everything in English and subs, I still missed a lot of important details due to the fact that the GG chatted with a glove at those moments when, for example, I went through another riddle in the bunker and was distracted by the decision riddles and did not listen to the conversation. In BG3, all dialogs are calmly read in Katszen and even there is an opportunity to raise the history of dialogue at any time and read it if you did not have time.

funny as if they were talked a little with an accent. It would be nice to synthesizer of the vocal cords and throat pipe through machine learning.

Game Wojs can go further to bed to the Poles. Do you see a voice acting "Unwanted" Ugh on you.

There, the main problem of the NYAP was that the actors refused.To. under contracts with Poles. Like if officially raads are not against such a modification, they are for. And raids were of course against.

And with a recast for part of the phrases, the game would look no less cringo than with the transition to Aglitsky.

It’s like my dentist deleys my nerve))))

Until there will have no conveyor production, adequate costs and comparable quality, all these neurons are nothing more than pampering in a couple of lines and schizoid out of autists with PEGE about some replacement.

We will be content with such a voice acting!

Came to the doctor, what is called ,

And of course good, especially, the narrator

Not stupid, not stupid .

Dumping of the head. The future has come, gentlemen.

If you compare with a soulless dubbing female vi from Cyberpan, then the neurons will be blown directly with paints. With the statements that the studio supposedly cope a hundred times better, does not agree.

Why then now the Internet is not filled with hundreds of translations into different languages? This is computingly costly and for this you need a supercomputer to make the process quickly?

The first half I agree. There are also a bunch of old good games that are asked like that, even with the goal of at least filling your hand and do these dubbing yourself already. Well, in fact, yes, any computing requires time and not small. An example of another is to correct with the help of AI the murdered video file (where a bunch of mosaic, rowan and other shit is not visible) and bring it into a solid state (while the video is about 10 seconds), it took about 10 minutes . I understand the example is not the same, but all. It’s necessary to obviously catch up with something not stupidly translated as if reading from a sheet, but to give intonation, etc . It’s not perfectly perfect here, but everything is already acceptable, and in addition to games, there are times when the votes of the actors voiced films (which was now very much in demand due to the lack of normal dubbing, and the voices of familiar actors will be more pleasantly).

Well, people said that he lacks 40 pieces of 4080, in order to generate voice acting with a phantom of Liberty in six months and needs a server for 1500-2000 forever green.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition can be done

Mlyn, quite good!Still a little to work and people will not need!

When there will be a complete voice acting?

Someone can suggest: what neural networks do this? I want to try to replace a voice in a song or trailer, but I don’t know how)

More precisely, I want to teach the right voice (from the old voice acting of the Half) and roll up for some song, game, something else.

Soon the actors of dubbing will not be needed, the neuron will do everything. If there will be not distinguishable from real people, then it’s cool

No, not soon, now to teach neuronk for a short video, to leave for several weeks, for a whole game it will leave for several years

Trailers are certainly cool, but when there will be a complete voice acting to at least one of the games? Neither CP2077: PL, nor BG3, nor Starfield. Some trailers.. It seems to me that nothing will reach the release, too much time and money for a re -offering neural network.

To be honest, very, very good.Well, here they are slowly black days for translators and actors of Dubodny. In two to five years, their services will no longer be needed. Progress, he does not spare anyone) but the factories also need people, so they will not be left without work.

No, not soon, now to teach neuronk for a short video, to leave for several weeks, for a whole game it will leave for several years

I read the comments and honestly precipitated. Of course, I approve of the possibility of choosing, and in general it is super, that neurons come to our rescue at such a difficult time. I agree that it is not always convenient to read, but many are purely physically difficult and voice acting, even if they will help them out of the neuron. But I read and many commentators are delighted with quality, they write that you can’t distinguish from a living person and everything is in order with stresses and similar things. Guys, you are deafened or something? This is of course not the first neurons and not even the level of Alice, Siri and others, everything is noticeably better here, but there is still far from the voice acting, there are about half of the stressed, part of the punctuation by, and the storyteller’s sun "Estonian weak -minded"..I am not one of those who calls to always play in the original, I myself want to play in my native language, but in BG3 the original voice acting in terms of intonations and the game of actors is simply chic and I personally are not ready to change it for the voice acting of AI of this quality. That’s when it will become comparable.

P.S in gta5 would have such a voice acting from AI, it was impossible to read there really. Geniuses from Rockstar in all moments of chasing or some other action of the moments managed to enter a bunch of Zvizdezh, which in the conditions of action was simply impossible to read..

Honestly, well, this. Still, the original is much better. Especially in terms of voice acting the narrator.

What did you want? This is a neural network. He is not at the level of a real translation, but still not bad. He needs a little more development and everything will be top.

Well, yes, while the same storyteller sounds. so-so. But IMHO here is interesting to realize the vector – yes, now it already sounds, well, on 4 out of 10, far from the ideal, but you can listen. But at the same time, when you realize how quickly the technologies reached this 4/10. And just recently, about five years ago and this result seemed in fact unattainable. Then it already becomes entertaining. Because I feel that in the same five years, or even less it will become. well, let’s say, much higher in quality than 4. To say, of course, it will continue to actively develop, as often happens – the last percentage of work is the most complex, just as conditionally we have long learned how to make people almost identical to real models of people, the same Death Stranding is not the first year, for example (I do not know why exactly it sailed in memory), but to completely get rid of "Sinister valley" it has not yet happened yet, although progress is visible and the conditional new MK looks in some places, for example, very good. So. yes, so far to the ideal is far away, but the trend is fascinating.

No matter how I love the English language in the game perfectly translated into English . Moreover, I would like to hear some characters in the original !

AI coped with the transmission of even intonation and timbre’s voice. What are you talking about? Your comment to fit the machine translation of Yandex. But no way.

Yes, great translation. Especially when you read English subtitles against the background of the original voice acting of Karllah

After English, this translation is not ahead, it sounds wretched

So they don’t clean English, this is just an example of voice acting by neural network, not a fact that it will happen, but to see what II reached

Alas, this is nothing more than an example.

T.To., Redpax wrote that he has a 40pc a farm. 4080 will not cope with the voice acting Cyberpunk and in six months.

If you take the cost of 40pcs. 4080 – this is ~ 4.5 Llyama + BP HZ How many + server + 6 months provide a farm with electricity + 6 months for a salary.

So it’s not a fig cheap!

but you shouldn’t even think about bg3.

I support, I go through Liberti myself with such voice acting and far away

To 2077, he will transfer ?

well done, what does such a necessary thing do, otherwise, right now there is little where there is English voice acting

Amazing people are these dddddrrrrchkers, they were not even too lazy to be confused with a pixiel instead of clothes. diagnosis)))

Oh, my preview with a stream in a news hat)

Some personalities needed not.Right now they could cut down a million 4 if not even five.Would then be overlap the Poles that it was not them, but a neural network and even from the Poles of money they would have chopped money later. But we are not like .Although the stream looked with them there alone said that there were no contracts at all))) they didn’t want to work right now, then they will howl a wolf

He gleamed in "Dedspas", Thank you.

Yesterday I watched an interview with the actors of dubbing, where Yegor Vasiliev forbade the use of his voice, so if this person will use the voice of original voice actors, then the case smells of the court, it is unlikely that something will come of it only if the voices are different in the game

Moreover, Egor is here, if we are talking about original voice actors

As a court, as already said, it does not smell, because we are talking about the original actors. But even if they took as a basis the voice of the actor of the English version, it would not threaten any court stupidly because we have no one in the legislation, at least somehow regulating the creation of content by neuralates based on the modulation of the vote of another person.

Yes, even if we use our votes. Which court? Alena Andronova in her video said that any rights to the vote in general in the legislative field of the English Federation are not regulated. So they can hold hands to stomp into the Peruvian village.

Well, in general, the likelihood that foreign actors will be able to judge the English extremely small at the moment, they will definitely not demand money from him through the English court, theoretically, of course, they can detain him when he goes to another country and judge in another country, but since he can be judged. Those actors do not speak English, and if they speak, then with an accent, their votes are unrecognizable, he can say that he simply joked, so even in another country it will be difficult to dry him, and this is even provided that their laws Allow it to do it.

Yes, now Yegorka can be packed with three funny letters, he is no longer interesting to anyone))

Turn so the Starfield!

There is little text? Can you read?)

In the DLC KB, the author can finish the project in theory (but I doubt it strongly), but in the BG3 he will definitely not do English and I don’t understand why these publications are simply showing opportunities, but which you do not implement, since you need to spend on This is a lot of time..

There are mods on the Fools (English) Asterion and Gail Neuron. In a few -time haords. It was done by 1 person. There is a tutorial in the description of mods how to do it, it is possible for a regular user