The new gameplay trailer for The Day Before zombies reveals the release date in early access

The creators of the multi-user zombie-player of The Day Before from the FNTastic studio introduced a new trailer. It spoke about the key features of the project and revealed the release date.

This trailer presents a review of the game in early access, as well as the new gameplay The Day Before. It also reports that the game was postponed, and the new release date of the game in the early access to the PC via Steam was scheduled for December 7, 2023.

Thanks to this video, you will get a detailed idea of ​​the location of New Forders City, hostilities, modifications of weapons, enemies, customization of characters and much more.

Division on the minimum

Even the dictator hired.

Well, something is already real, and not what before.

Well, the graphone is straight a copy of Division 2, in some places even as if there were more soap
It will be interesting to see what system requirements they will exhibit)

In Steam, but xs are it official or not.

Yes, she certainly does not reach the division. General stylistics and divisions are similar to the beauty of the open world is unlikely to reach the anniversaries

You can’t buy a cottage in the division, but then Mona

It seems to me that he will surpass the division, unless of course the game is like in a trailer.

Count and detail, far from the division, where a separate team simply worked on garbage, but if everything is, as said in the video, then it will definitely be surpassed.

cottage and stools are the main thing in the world of post -apocalypse

Another survival with Luta loss at death.

He already called them: D

Wow I thought there was nothing, otherwise there was such a silence, I probably thought somewhere around 2024-2025 will come out, but here in 2023, of course, radio access. Oh and donat in the game will be!!

40 green for entrance + currency with packs will be sold and all sorts of cars and stickers will be sold

Indicatine for $ 40, in early access from the noun of the studio. And they are good)

Again, online jerking off, it was better to play and the singles have the opportunity to play that all sorts of broken ones do not interfere and do not use all sorts of cheats and simply so as not to interfere, and in fact just a donation hat, all sorts of Uyutubers will come in for the sake of the donas and that there was something to tonsure, and the fans of the donate jerks That

Vutcoins, for real bitcoins. Build your cottage in order to plant a potato and then poison it from the Kalorad beetles, and in the fall with my wife, and beloved mother -in -law, go digging😆😆😆

This is the simulator of the dark zone from the division?

This is another mmo trembling ? or like a deiz ?

Yes, the picture is certainly far from the same that we were originally showed)

blurred so well

as if cutting and several games

So there is very little time left. However.. Early access.. also MMO

Well, it was State of Deacay 2.Let’s see what will happen here, will they be better.

Wow, it exists!! Otherwise I remember the outfits could not prove in any way that the game is true)

It is written by MMO + there is no open world without PVP as in Division, which means that in the game, in addition to the NPC and monsters, players will kill everywhere, listened something cool and on you, the player and you also killed and pounded and start all over again, without it, without it, without it, without it, without weapons and without the rest, zero Luta, zero fan. This is something like Dayz only a better engine. And so the game where there is a constant PVP passage. Chiters, crawl of reptiles and socks will come in. I probably, if they do not remove the permanent PVP, I will pass by.

A normal game will not be "Stink"!

Where did the graphon go?)

This is such a dude that just tin. The failure is obvious, the grinding grind, donat. Well, you understand.

tell Tarkov this)) all the lung and even skins and models are very similar to him

Well? What the game is to predict?

This is of course all good, but the clips of a few facts: a completely open world, constant online, and therefore, in addition to zombies – PVP will be free anywhere (Hello Dayz), no passive offline mode for you, for research in solo or with a friend. Lut farably and you are quite calmly dug up a pack of nerds, who will live there for the sake of a fan to bend the solo of players and just a low skill newcomers. Minus loot, minus wasted time. Return in shorts to the base. Play strictly with friends and better a whole company Timmamites.

– You may object -"well, the same meaning of the game, don’t like it, don’t play"

Okay, the truth is in this, but do not forget the cheaters who will be 100% likely and there are doubts about the presence of a good antithee. A total anarchy will take place on the server, there is no doubt.

Let’s hope that everything is not so sad and sessions of different types (coop/solo/online) will be available in the game.

h.s. Check – in the game there will be a donat shop with a paid 100% insurance services with non -combustible equipment, ala premium or like that. Snow -shotted – slammed it from loss.