The Pioneers of Pagonia urban planning strategy from the creator of The Settlers has entered early access to Steam

Pioneers of Pagonia, medieval-phntentesian urban planning game from the Envision Entertainment India Studio, is now available in early access on Steam. Future pioneers can discover the islands of Pagonia and get acquainted with the most lively urban planner in history, with branched production chains and thousands of inhabitants, both peaceful and hostile.

Pioneers of Pagonia is already available in early access in Steam in as many as 17 languages. It is noteworthy, the developers did not translate their game into English, but did not delete the game from the English Steam and you can purchase it for 935 rubles.

In Pioneers of Pagonia, players go to the world of countless islands to find lost tribes, help each other and overcome difficulties together. The assembly for early access contains more than 40 types of buildings and more than 70 different products with extensive production chains to create settlements. All transportation of goods, production processes and opening of the population are presented in the form of beautiful animations, and you can follow them from beginning to end, which makes Pioners of Pagonia accessible to all age groups.

Now players can face conflicts in the previously peaceful world of Pagonia. Not only disguised thieves and gangster raids on transports complicate the life of pioneers, but also ghostly manifestations and nightly creatures are plotting unkind, turning good -natured Pagons into werewolves and completely stopping the construction. Each of the four types of enemies available in the assembly of early access can be opposed using various strategies and units. Additional enemies and units will be added during the early access.

The Envision Entertainment team gave special attention to the card generator. You can change all the settings in detail – from the size of the island to the predominant landscape, the number and complexity of enemies, as well as tasks that are to be completed. Any level of complexity – from calm, peaceful pioneering to extreme tests – is possible and can be installed individually at the beginning of each new card. Thanks to the procedured by generated cards, countless variations and hundreds of hours of fun may. If the player liked some kind of island, he can share it with the community using a unique ID card.

Throughout the early access period, it is planned to regularly update game content. In the next few months, three major updates will be released, including a joint cooperative regime, expanded production statistics, underground production and a fishing hut – one of the most popular buildings in the community.