Ubisoft introduced a laudatory trailer Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Ubisoft has released a new Assassin’s Creed Mirage trailer, which contains the most positive reviews of the international press about the last part of the long -playing series, reminiscent of its accessibility on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Next year she will also appear on the iPhone 15 Pro.

The video offers a combination of exciting scenes, including hand -to -hand combat, parkour and the charm of the flickering Baghdad of the 9th century, which is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the production.

Critics around the world from October 5 greeted the adventure of Basim and a partial return to the origins of the saga, despite some less successful moments that are enough in this game, which we mentioned in our review.

And who is praised then. Themselves.

Monetization in the game is just imprisoned for mobile phones

Yes, the norms are game, graphone of course, yeah, but you can play, the plot will go too . There is nothing more to play, so to whom how

A blind grandmother praises him there?)

Honestly, after Valgala, where are the norms and the plot and the Dopa, etc. The mirage of such a thing, the Valgala did not really go a hundred times better and cool.

Valhalla is therefore better that it is made according to modern standards. And the Mirage is a return to crooked roots that the assassin does not need. But the whiners asked to return, here the heads and returned to the roots, unfortunately. Mirage is actually a clone of the first two assassins in terms of gameplay – in general, the mirage incorporated the worst that was in the series. But, nevertheless, the mirage generally the norms of the game is a kind of middle peasant on Bezrybie, when there is nothing to play, you can play.

Millions of people have already passed it a long time ago, and they only released such🤦🏻 Alexander🤦🏻 Alexander🤦🏻 Alexander

Eh, and I said that it was not necessary to return to the origins of the Assassins, these hoods have outlived themselves after the stuffy parts about Ezio. It is necessary to move along the course set in Odyssey, Valhalla. But it is better of course the first, since Walgalla went to the stuffiness too much, you need to take the Odyssey formula and go along it, do not return to the past, no one needs hoods already.

you need to take the Odyssey formula and follow it

And what is the formula there? Stir the avant-aposts, perform dull quests submit.

Fat, try better.

The beautiful heroine, crazy in the good sense of the word DLC, the opportunity to talk to the most charismatic secondary heroes for all series of Assassins – Herodot, Socrates, Alcibiades, Barnabas with his impeccable voice acting. These are all the heroes who are given to warm memories in the soul. Avvanposts by the avant -aposts.. There is already someone else, but I personally like to watch how I slowly clean the card, someone like it/bring to Death Stranding, which is also a kind of analogy of advanposts, but about dull quests – you won’t believe it, but in Odyssey there are excellent secondary quests associated with historical personalities and not only. For example, I can remember very easily quests that I really remember – a quest where I need to help one family in which my son locked himself in a cage, since he was prophesied by the fact that because of him there will be a discord in the family, the quest is not large, but if it "Perform" as it should, it turns out that the prophecy will come true. Or for example, quests associated with Socrates, where we have a choice to give a peasant who stole a horse from a rich man to the authorities, or regret him. And Socrates gives an assessment of our actions. Well, or a romantic quest associated with an alkaviad, a man who deftly manipulated female hearts, until he himself became a victim of another manipulator, and again we have a choice to tell Alkaviad about the intentions of his new chosen one, or leave everything as it is, because as if not there was a drunk for the first time, it is truly falling in love if we should tell him the truth or not? I agree that the main plot of Odyssey is not directly variable, but the secondary quests are quite variable, and to my surprise, I noticed that some points in the plot are not quite the same as with my first complete passage. I remembered only a small part of the adventure that was given to me in Odyssey. And I played it last time two years ago. And if they asked me what part I would have outplayed again – I would answer that Odyssey. Yes, everyone has their own tastes, everyone has their own experience in gameprokes, I am the person who did not want to re -reproduce the witcher 3, I liked the ending and the whole game as a whole, but I do not want to return to it, she showed me the picture – I am pleased with her, everything is satisfied, everything. Perhaps I missed just the same Avvanposts and tasks, give/bring in a witcher 3. Here I am a person, but I write this to the fact that at the moment the future of Assassin is scary for me much more than the times when everyone complained that the assassin without an assassin – I accepted it calmly, but the fact that the developers were stuck on the ribbon of fan opinions, where only one They want old Assassins, while others want new things, they just stopped and there is a degradation that began seriously with Mirage. For me, Assasin’s Creed is not only Assassins and Templars, this is something more creative, and I want them to realize their most daring plans, and not these swings of the pendulum on the one hand to the other.

OK, I will keep in vain.

Eh, and I said that it was not necessary to return to the origins of the Assassins, these hoods have outlived themselves after the stuffy parts about Ezio. You need to move along the course set in Odyssey

And remove the name of the assassins, stop using old names, earning on them the last trilogy does not apply to the Assains

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