Update for Hitman World of Assassination adds new content and corrects bugs

The game Hitman World of Assassination from Io Interactive received a new update on all platforms that adds new content and levels "Prestige" In mode "Freelance". A new suit also appeared, available after any company passing in hardcore in freelance.

Players can also unlock a new tool, the handle of explosives, destroying the Black Craig in "Zero patient" at "certain and suitable circumstances". Mode "Contracts" also includes the ICA object, so now you can participate in "Contracts" on a yacht in a training mission.

By filling your safe with all weapons, you can access the laptop "Prestigious laptop", which allows you to go through five prestige levels. As soon as you collect all the weapons that can be stored in the shelter, you can use a prestigious laptop to increase your prestige level.

Check out the full text of the notes to the patch here. Hitman World of Assassination is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

I expected more from the update, they forgot about the mysterious coin in the shelter in general. They added a new yellow task, complete all the missions and then it will be counted, it is necessary that all the jackdaws are straight to the mission, if you have to kill only in the head, you went through everything, and the daw is only after the exit will be for it, then you will fail to do everything tasks. New Yorkich was a little killed, now less money in the storage, instead of 3, now 1 coin on the pillow, and 2 other coins in the cells were put, there is also no knife in the cell that was there. They added a new suit, who was already passing on the complex, it immediately opens, but some players did not receive it, including on PS5. Okay, at least fixed SA/SO without shooting, now you can use a dart and finished in a blue task without shooting, which now you can’t use a dart. For the fact that they removed the bugs in the house when you hang out when choosing something respect, and for more money on a silent killer. Cool patch, but it seems to be needed by one) And I didn’t write about the destruction of cameras with objects, it’s cool, it also works in the plot.

This is a game of service, it will be supported by patches for at least another year

YouTubert said that Bita can already be folded in the case)

Write what will happen if you throw it while playing a map in a freelancer, this is a machine defeat?

They seemed to say that this is the last year, 3 years of exclusive goals were launched, maybe the freelancers will be more supported, they still need to do 007, let’s see

To play freelancers, you need to have this publication or at least Hitman 3 in the past by buying?

Hitman 3 began to be called World of Ass Sasination so the second

There is no freelancer mode on the torrent, there is little there at all, the game is designed for a network connection.

By the way, yes, it turns out if you extinguish the Internet, in offline, you will not play.

There is nothing special to catch offline, cards are available there, but without English, tests, escalations, etc. Additional modes of type freelancer are also not available.

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