“Very bad optimization”: Steam users are unhappy Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Today, the long -awaited adventure action of Star Wars Jedi Survivor took place. A few days ago in the first reviews there were references to disgusting optimization on the PC, but there was hope for the patch of the first day.

But the miracle did not happen – now the game has only 23% of positive reviews. Star Wars Jedi Survivor is actively criticized by optimization. In addition, the game did not have English localization for which some users hoped after the mention of it was found in the pre -load.

The game is extremely exciting, but it works terribly. I use 3090 Fe and 5700X and get stable 30 frames per second in some areas. In other areas, I get mostly stable 45. This is at 1440p. Reduction of settings and using FSR do not give the slightest difference. And this is at 19 GB VRAM. This is a wonderful game, but you should definitely wait if you do not have 24 GB VRAM and you do not mind playing games with a frequency of 30 frames per second.

I see how Jedi Survivor appears, and then my game is painting. I can’t even get to the main menu, but I have 3080. I know that this is not the best video card, but I can’t even get into the main menu ♥♥♥♥♥♥ anyway. Please, I want to love and play this game, but the PC port is simply not that. Do not buy until they correct it for PC. I am ready to change my review if they correct the problem with the launch in the near future, but this cannot happen in a year, as in most games AAA.

Denuvo should definitely leave. This game, without any irony, works like garbage with 15 fps at the lowest settings. I will return the money until an update is released, which will either correct the terrible frequency of personnel or remove Denuvo. I don’t understand why companies are still using Denuvo, when it completely destroys their games, if you want to fight piracy, come up with something else, and not this useless means of combating piracy.

RTX 4080, i9-13900KF, 32GB 6000 DDR5, last drivers on Win 11. I can get about 30 frames per second. Marvelous.

Very bad optimization, 30 FPS and the absence of the English language (there are not even subtitles). The game is raw, it is better to wait with the purchase.

RTX 3060 16 GIGS OPERATIVE AND I5 of the last Rivisi and the game works like a piece *****. With any settings, the game sags from about 45 to 65 frames and sometimes below. And people with much more powerful assemblies write about the same. Thanks for optimization on PC.