Cits SkyLines 2 developers called 30 FPS the target frequency of frames for the urban planning simulator

A few days ago we published several early benchmarks for Cits SkyLines 2. In these tests, Intel Core i9 13900KS with AMD Radeon RX 7900XTX could hardly deal with a 4K game at high settings. And in recent answers to questions to Reddit, the developers said that their goal is 30, not 60 frames per second, even on a PC.

The representative of the studio under the nickname Damsku made several rather wild statements. According to him, 60 frames per second do not matter for urban planning game. Later, the developer admitted that during the construction of large cities, the game begins to rely greatly on the processor. But, as shown in the Pcgameshardware video, the multi -passage in Cits Skylines 2 is simply terrible. Obviously, the game cannot use the advantages of high -performance processors, which is a classic sign of a poorly optimized game. So the point is not that the calculations of cities are very complicated. Rather, the fact is that the game cannot properly use all powerful processors.

Here is a complete quote from ‘Co_Damsku’

The goal is 30 frames per second due to the nature of the game, (possibly) in the urban planner there is no real benefit to strive for a higher FPS (unlike a multi -user shooter), since the growing city will inevitably depend on the processor. In games of this type, it is more important to avoid freezing and have a responsive user interface. For this reason, our modeling is also built at the expected renewal frequency of 30 frames per second. However, it will not prevent 60 frames per second, as this can help improve visual perception of temporary effects, therefore, although our goal is 30 frames per second, we are not going to limit or stop working on optimization only because we have reached it on recommended equipment, We simply do not believe that in the long run there will be the benefits of installing 60 frames per second, especially because we are faced with the problems of rendering both close and long distance.

Paradox Interactive will release Cits Skylines 2 on a PC later today. And the harsh truth is that the game may never reach 60 frames per second, even on the most modern and perfect PC systems. Also, according to this quote, it is safe to say that Colossal Order will not bring significant improvements in performance. After all, the developers themselves claim that their goal is 30, not 60 frames per second. And they also believe that in the long run from installing 60 frames per second there will be no winning.

In short, Cits Skylines 2 will work on a PC with a frequency of 30 frames per second, because developers cannot optimize their engine. This is a fact, and you must be ready for it. This is very unpleasant, especially for those who were looking forward to.

Each planet at Star Wars Outlaws will offer unique game experience

The creative director of Star Wars Outlaws Julian Geraita told in a recent interview Famitsu that the upcoming game with the open world of the Star Wars from Ubisoft will offer a completely different gameplay depending on the planet/

The translated passage from the interview reads:

During the development, we remembered that each planet should offer a different game process. For example, on Toshara (the planet shown in the last Ubisoft Direct trailer), you can explore the vast wild on a gravitics, and on another planet you can become an inconspicuous thief operating in the criminal world of the city.

Herait also adds that the game has no large number of planets or planets with automatic generation (as in Starfield or No Man’s Sky). However, in the world of games there will be both new planets and cult planets "Star Wars".

It is understood that Lucas Film takes an active part in the creative process, and the idea that the game will take place between 5 and 6 episodes belongs to Lucas Film. Lucas Film helps not only with the plot and history, but also with gameplay, so we can expect a product, the most true original story.

The main philosophy of Outlaws, as shown in the trailer, is to ensure a single -user seamless experience that changes between the study of noisy cities, races by fields on gravitsyls, jumping into spacecraft and hyperproduction travel through the entire galaxy. Only the planet Toshara is more than Washington, the District of Colombia in The Division 2.

Carlson also added that players will be able to configure spacecraft, engravicists and blaster pistols (various modules that add attributes, for example, explosive cartridges) can be attached to the pistols). Slowed shooting at the gravicircle shown in the trailer is one of many skills that players can unlock, players can also select weapons used by enemies and use it in battle. Hints that the system of reputation, mentioned in the trailer, will affect the history of the protagonist in different ways, but so far little is known about this.

Star Wars Outlaws will be released in 2024 at the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

In Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 will be a storyline resembling Cyberpunk 2077

The developers from The Chinese Room studio conducted another live broadcast, in which they revealed new details of the promising role action Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2. The fresh diary of the developers was dedicated to one of the most central parts of the game – the main character, which determines the narrative and even game mechanics. Along with this, the authors reported the presence of an element that greatly resembles one of the main features of Cyberpunk 2077.

As noted by the authors of the sequel Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines, players will be able to form a unique story of a protagonist who will determine the relations of the characters to him. The chosen clan will largely determine the framework of the behavior of the protagonist. Belonging to a certain clan can help in some situations, but players should remember the main dogmas of this clan. If your behavior contradicts the philosophy of the clan, then this will necessarily be noticed by other characters and may affect the course of some events.

According to the developers, players will take control of their extremely strong senior vampire, who are afraid of other representatives of the Dark World. The characters will be very careful in communicating with you and even try to manipulate you. No one wants to start such a powerful enemy, they say in The Chinese Room. At the same time, players will be able to independently decide which of their abilities should be revealed to others.

As for the element similar to Cyberpunk 2077, here we are talking about the satellite of the protagonist. In the course of the game you will accompany you "Voice in the head" By the name of Fabin. He will be a kind of conductor, both for a protagonist and players. From him it will be possible to learn more details about Seattle, and the origin of Fabin will become known as the main plot of Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 develops. The characters will lead dialogues on various topics and periodically enter into disputes, which resembles the relationship of Vi and Johnny Silly Super from Cyberpunk 2077.

Vampire release: The Masquarade – Bloodlines 2 should take place in 2024 on PC and consoles. New details about action will be announced today as part of the PC Gaming Show. We will remind, earlier we became aware of two playable clans: Tremers and Bruch.

Persona 3 Reload will be an accurate remake of the original version without content from Fes or Portable

Persona 3 remake for a long time was one of the worst secrets of Atlus, but Persona 3 Reload was finally officially announced at today’s exhibition Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. In the first trailer of the game, battles and graphics were shown, updated compared to Persona 5, but the fans noticed that something big was missing.

Namely, Persona 3 Reload seems to not have enough additional content from Persona 3 Fes and Persona 3 Portable, which includes the ability to play for the main character of the female. In an interview with the IGN, Persona 3 Riota Niimuma, the main gamedector of casukhis Vad, confirmed that Persona 3 Reload contains only the content present in the original version of Persona 3.

"First of all, I would like to note that since the main concept of Persona 3 remake was Persona 3 remake, we do not include the contents of FES and Portable", – Said Niimuma. "We really wanted to sincerely work on the recreation of impressions from Persona 3".

Persona 3 originally entered the PlayStation 2 in 2006. Persona 3 Fes is an additional CD of 2007 with updates to the original game, and Persona 3 Portable is a release for PSP, which adds functions such as direct management of party members in addition to the main character. A prostagonist woman also first appeared in Persona 3 Portable, but it seems that the players will not have the opportunity to play for her in Persona 3 Reload.

"At the moment, we cannot go into details, but we remade almost everything from scratch, as for Persona 3 of the original version", – Said Niimuma. "We have new votes, new scenes and events. We also have new and arranged music. We will release this information, following everything. So, please, wait for this with impatience".

Persona 3 Reload will be an accurate remake of the original version, which will undoubtedly disappoint the fans hoping to play for the main heroine-woman, and players who wanted to test all the content offered by various versions of Persona 3 for many years.

Of course, it is possible that after a few years ATLUS will release another version of Persona 3 with the missing content, as was done with Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden, but now Atlus clearly says nothing about this.

Instead, Nimum and Wada focused on updates added to the original version of Persona 3, which make it more corresponding to Persona 5.

"The main concept of recreating Persona history was that we wanted to save everything from the original version, but update everything until modern days", – Vada said. "That is, at the Persona 5 level, in fact. We have the latest graphics, we updated the system to the latest convenience. We have voice replicas in [Japanese and English], as well as text in 13 languages. So you should have the same impressions as from Persona 5".

Persona 3 Reload will be released at the beginning of 2024 on Xbox and PC, although other consoles may be announced. It will also be available from the first day on Game Pass.

Insomniac Games defended Starfield after criticizing the game menu

In recent days, a series of complaints about Starfield, the upcoming game of Bethesda for Xbox and PC appeared on social networks. In particular, the chart of the community has been criticized by the game menu. In defense of colleagues in the workshop, the company Insomniac Games, owned by PlayStation.

It all started with the fact that some gamers who gained early access to the game expressed their opinion on Twitter. One of the former employees of Blizzard made unpleasant remarks about the design of the game, and its message received wide publicity on the social network, gaining 8.8 million. Views.

The nature of the starting screens. The game screensaver can tell a lot about how much the developer team was in a hurry and how proud they are of their work. The Starfield starting screen can be judged by the release time, to which the enthusiastic team was in a hurry, overworking, or a developer who did not care.

In the Bethesda itself, in the person of Pete Hines, the heads of the editorial department, considered criticism too harsh and unprofessional, which expressed other developers to express their position on this issue. So, James Stevenson, the Director of the Community and Marketing at the InSomniac Games, defended the results of work on Starfield and drew attention to:

Stevenson: I just want to remind you that the monetization of Twitter will allow people to earn on the culture of indignation here (as is the case on YouTube and in other places). Some puddles, menu, anything. What they really want is to achieve attention to themselves and response.

Pete Hines: thank you for reminding.

In fact, it all comes down to what Hines said. It is absolutely fair not to love a specific style or example of the start screen, just as not to love a specific genre of game. But, mixing his personal feelings and insulting statements to the developers, as Kern did, he moves from expressing feelings to claims about facts. Similar Lunge in style "No one asked" It is practically specially designed to ensure that the figurative raising of the hands turned out, by the way, one of the Twitter users drew attention to, reminding Haines, which was probably the purpose of this.

Ubisoft introduced a laudatory trailer Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Ubisoft has released a new Assassin’s Creed Mirage trailer, which contains the most positive reviews of the international press about the last part of the long -playing series, reminiscent of its accessibility on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Next year she will also appear on the iPhone 15 Pro.

The video offers a combination of exciting scenes, including hand -to -hand combat, parkour and the charm of the flickering Baghdad of the 9th century, which is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the production.

Critics around the world from October 5 greeted the adventure of Basim and a partial return to the origins of the saga, despite some less successful moments that are enough in this game, which we mentioned in our review.

And who is praised then. Themselves.

Monetization in the game is just imprisoned for mobile phones

Yes, the norms are game, graphone of course, yeah, but you can play, the plot will go too . There is nothing more to play, so to whom how

A blind grandmother praises him there?)

Honestly, after Valgala, where are the norms and the plot and the Dopa, etc. The mirage of such a thing, the Valgala did not really go a hundred times better and cool.

Valhalla is therefore better that it is made according to modern standards. And the Mirage is a return to crooked roots that the assassin does not need. But the whiners asked to return, here the heads and returned to the roots, unfortunately. Mirage is actually a clone of the first two assassins in terms of gameplay – in general, the mirage incorporated the worst that was in the series. But, nevertheless, the mirage generally the norms of the game is a kind of middle peasant on Bezrybie, when there is nothing to play, you can play.

Millions of people have already passed it a long time ago, and they only released such🤦🏻 Alexander🤦🏻 Alexander🤦🏻 Alexander

Eh, and I said that it was not necessary to return to the origins of the Assassins, these hoods have outlived themselves after the stuffy parts about Ezio. It is necessary to move along the course set in Odyssey, Valhalla. But it is better of course the first, since Walgalla went to the stuffiness too much, you need to take the Odyssey formula and go along it, do not return to the past, no one needs hoods already.

you need to take the Odyssey formula and follow it

And what is the formula there? Stir the avant-aposts, perform dull quests submit.

Fat, try better.

The beautiful heroine, crazy in the good sense of the word DLC, the opportunity to talk to the most charismatic secondary heroes for all series of Assassins – Herodot, Socrates, Alcibiades, Barnabas with his impeccable voice acting. These are all the heroes who are given to warm memories in the soul. Avvanposts by the avant -aposts.. There is already someone else, but I personally like to watch how I slowly clean the card, someone like it/bring to Death Stranding, which is also a kind of analogy of advanposts, but about dull quests – you won’t believe it, but in Odyssey there are excellent secondary quests associated with historical personalities and not only. For example, I can remember very easily quests that I really remember – a quest where I need to help one family in which my son locked himself in a cage, since he was prophesied by the fact that because of him there will be a discord in the family, the quest is not large, but if it "Perform" as it should, it turns out that the prophecy will come true. Or for example, quests associated with Socrates, where we have a choice to give a peasant who stole a horse from a rich man to the authorities, or regret him. And Socrates gives an assessment of our actions. Well, or a romantic quest associated with an alkaviad, a man who deftly manipulated female hearts, until he himself became a victim of another manipulator, and again we have a choice to tell Alkaviad about the intentions of his new chosen one, or leave everything as it is, because as if not there was a drunk for the first time, it is truly falling in love if we should tell him the truth or not? I agree that the main plot of Odyssey is not directly variable, but the secondary quests are quite variable, and to my surprise, I noticed that some points in the plot are not quite the same as with my first complete passage. I remembered only a small part of the adventure that was given to me in Odyssey. And I played it last time two years ago. And if they asked me what part I would have outplayed again – I would answer that Odyssey. Yes, everyone has their own tastes, everyone has their own experience in gameprokes, I am the person who did not want to re -reproduce the witcher 3, I liked the ending and the whole game as a whole, but I do not want to return to it, she showed me the picture – I am pleased with her, everything is satisfied, everything. Perhaps I missed just the same Avvanposts and tasks, give/bring in a witcher 3. Here I am a person, but I write this to the fact that at the moment the future of Assassin is scary for me much more than the times when everyone complained that the assassin without an assassin – I accepted it calmly, but the fact that the developers were stuck on the ribbon of fan opinions, where only one They want old Assassins, while others want new things, they just stopped and there is a degradation that began seriously with Mirage. For me, Assasin’s Creed is not only Assassins and Templars, this is something more creative, and I want them to realize their most daring plans, and not these swings of the pendulum on the one hand to the other.

OK, I will keep in vain.

Eh, and I said that it was not necessary to return to the origins of the Assassins, these hoods have outlived themselves after the stuffy parts about Ezio. You need to move along the course set in Odyssey

And remove the name of the assassins, stop using old names, earning on them the last trilogy does not apply to the Assains

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Final Fantasy XVI realistically depicts sexual desire

Final Fantasy XVI has great potential to open new horizons for the legendary fantasy franchise, but one aspect is certainly interesting. When we talk about the image of sexual attraction, the games as a whole are still behind other forms of narrative media. In addition to visual novels, which are a completely different discourse, games, as a rule, limit this topic by a fan service or break it into mechanics in which you should accumulate attachment points to a specific character in order to get closer to it as a reward. Of course, not all games do this, but it is usually dominant trends.

Sexual attraction is usually not woven into the narrative realistic during interactions that are not directly related to the topic. This happens, but quite rarely, and even less often in Japanese games, probably, partly due to the country’s cultural contempt for public manifestations of attachment.

Final Fantasy XVI definitely breaks this template. In the game you will see moments in which people interact with each other as lovers, who are clearly sexually attracted to each other, which adds another layer to something extremely important for the narrative-interpersonal relations.

The producer Naoki Yoshida was asked about this in the context of creating the game Final Fantasy, which will definitely become more mature in its tone compared to what we saw before, and his answer was simple, but instructive.

As for those for adults, violence and sexual content, we did not really try to add them to the game. This was not our intention from the very beginning. It was rather that we had a story that we wanted to tell, and these things seemed to fit into history.

It may seem simple, but it is very important. Quite often, those few images of the sexual interaction that we see in the game are very self-sufficient and seem to be something added to history in order to reassure the player or artificially make it more mature.

On the other hand, in Final Fantasy XVI, these scenes serve as a plot and are organically woven into it with a realistic and integral way. This is not entirely unique in the game industry, but it is a rarity, especially well done.

Brave ultramarins and imperial guard against tyranids in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 gameplay

The IGN portal showed 14 minutes of the exciting gameplay Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2. It is invited to look at your attention at an epic battle, which unfolds in a dangerous swamp: Captain Titus helps the Cadians on the battlefield, using a variety of destructive weapons and abilities that are at the disposal of the cosmodesant.

Galaxy is in danger, entire worlds are dying, and Imperium needs you. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in the winter of 2023.

It looks very worthy, something reminded of weights 5. We are waiting, the atmosphere is simply gorgeous and the picture is fire.

This is interesting, the first part liked, in fact it is a copy of the weights, the only title from the Varhamer universe that came in.

Something I do not remember in the Girsi, so that it would be necessary to chop a hundred orcs and spend dozens of executions for the restoration of lives.

It is clear that there are small nuances, even the acceleration is exactly the same when it rushes as a ram is almost not controlled, in the same way the detachment runs, the same shelters, etc.

And where did you see the orcs here? Enemies insects indicate the complete absence of desire and effort among the scriptwriters.

O_O. These "insects" Actually, as a full-fledged raca-fraction has been present in Laura Soroknik for more than 30 years.

And if you take into account genocles, they even appeared in the late 80s.

And if essentially, Tyranids is the first choice, if the Sorokovnik setting is needed in the innumerable hordes of monsters.

Well, here you can still take the orcs and cultists of chaos.

Ehhh gave B for the guard to play, for what commissar. I always wanted a game of the adventure of Commissioner Cain.

As the saying goes "It is never too late to succumb to panic"

The game of dreams is simple. Such crowds of terranids + mechanics from the Duma 2016, Grafon is chic. 100% atmosphere of wahi

I would very much like to have a function in the game settings "Helmet./Off. Even if the purely cosmetic effect is.

Tit Lieutenant and not Captain.

From what on earth? The entire first part of it was called the captain, and now even increased

The jamb of the scriptwriters is apparently. The captains are known and spelled out in Laura and it is not there. But the lieutenants do not indicate what gives the maneuver. Well, yes they could of course "lower" After the end of the first part. And yes he has a helmet from Lieutenant Primaris. And just the captain will not run to Monorylol or surrounded by a couple of fighters. The captain will come with the whole company. But send a lieutenant to a special mission is quite possible.

There are sounds in the game? They arrive "Meteorites" – silence. There is in the background, but it does not come from NPC, just the textures of the lasers appear.
When it starts to reach the development that sound accompaniment plays a much large role than the picture.

And again, from 3 faces all sorts of feelings are lost that you are a 3-meter iron death machine. Again, there are no normal sounds. That running, that jumping from a height. Remember the same Follaut 4. There is a perfect armor, with mods even better. No right there. Just running a tall man.

I already forgot about this game) but I’m waiting

Atmospheric. The first seemed to go, we are waiting for the second.

I am waiting for a very flesh -like.

It looks very cool

We do not know how to read?

why animations are such all-random-twine then. in the last part and that was smoother.

I look at the scum with sparks and other jokes like effects, the game became a little darker as necessary. And the fact that the thoughts did it by what anime, that Varhammer is now some kind of joke. It remains only to remove the glossy of dirt

Enemies of tyranida is the instance failure of the project!

Makhach for Shkolia

I have not been a school for a long time, but I really look forward to the game.

The emperor does not love you! It is stupid to consider the game for schoolchildren, it was frozen nonsense)

They have strategies of norms, and when they try to make Makhich, it turns out not really, such as a clone of weight. They released such a thing before and not to say what shot.

You would know how many people played in 1 part, and how you waited for the continuation, and you say that they have such battles for yourself ! Here, everyone likes his own strategies to someone just shooters and other games, to taste and color !

Agree. I have never a fan of the universe, but the first part was very vigorous. I will definitely try the second.

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BioWare dismisses 50 employees as part of the plan to ensure “outstanding level Dragon Age: Dreadwolf”

Electronic Arts reported that its BioWare studio, located in Edmonton (Canada), dismisses 50 people from the team, despite the fact that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is located in the late stages of development.

"Dismissal is a blow to the moral spirit of the studio and the complication of the situation", Gary McKay, general manager of the developer, stated today in his appeal to employees. According to him, EA is trying to turn BioWare into a more flexible and focused studio. According to estimates, 12-13 thousand work in EA. employees, and in BioWare – about 250 people.

"After long thoughts and thorough planning, ”says Gary Mcake, General Director General of BioWare,“ we have developed a long -term concept that will maintain the health of the studio and give us the opportunity to do what we do best: to create exceptional plot single -user games filled with huge worlds and rich characters". This concept balances the current needs of the studio – namely, ensuring that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will become an outstanding game – and its future, including the success of the next Mass Effect".

To achieve this, we were in a position where the changes are not only necessary, but also inevitable. No matter how difficult it is to talk about it, but the rethinking of our approach to development inevitably means reorganizing our team in accordance with the changing needs of the studio. As part of this transition, we eliminate about 50 posts in BioWare. It is very painful and humiliating about it. We do our best to make this process with sympathy, respect and clear communication.

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, back in March announced that the company will reduce about 6% of the total number of employees, and these reductions are associated with this step.

According to Macake, EA decided to act now to provide the victim colleagues as many opportunities as possible for employment. These changes coincide with a significant number of vacancies that are currently open in other EA studios. Professional resources and assistance will be provided with injured employees when submitting applications for these positions. Output employees will be awarded in the game.

"Although it is unlikely that everyone will find a new role in the company, we are ready to support our employees when they will navigate the changes that are taking place. We sincerely hope that they will be able to continue their exemplary work in the studios, which can benefit from their talents", – McKay said.

Steam version of the classic Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 suffered from malicious

The latest news about Activision’s most popular shooter indicates that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is infected with a very dangerous virus, the main feature of which is its mass and silent spread. The latest analysis conducted by the community of programmers itself indicates that this problem is rather big, so it is better to be careful.

Information about this appeared on July 26, thanks to one of the users who bought the game Modern Warfare 2 in Steam, which is currently the only platform affected by the virus. He announced the problem on the Steam forum. As recommendations, he indicated the need to use good antivirus and connect to a reliable game lobby.

As you can see, the community did not sit still, not expecting Steam or Activision will take up a solution to the problem. Instead, gamers began to study the program, finding that this is a very insidious malicious software that can self -work and spread with terrifying ease.

On the same day, the official Call of Duty updates account published a message on his Twitter, which mentioned the 2009 game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, in particular its version for Steam. A brief message said that the multiplayer was disconnected during a thorough investigation of some problems, as hundreds of messages from the players were received.

The initial indication to avoid or be extremely careful with the lobby was made for a reason. Apparently, the malicious program spread through these game locations, thereby infecting players who, in turn, involuntarily infected other players, resulting in the effect of a snow coma that cannot be stopped. With the revival of the classic Call of Duty through the efforts of Microsoft, ill -wishers began to penetrate the game who wanted to destroy the pleasure of the game for others.