Ron Don Don! The legendary Need for Speed ​​Underground turned 20 years old

Need for Speed ​​Underground is certainly the most cult game of the franchise. From the system of customization, the famous tuning to various game modes, including even drag racing, the game was remembered as a milestone in the genre, since many games copied its successful elements.

And it was on November 17 that Need for Speed ​​Underground entered consoles and PC.

Inspired (or not) franchise "Furious", Need for Speed ​​Underground brought into the series all those elements that made the film so successful. The main of them was an unprecedented, especially in aesthetic plan, a system of customization, which allows you to turn the usual everyday car into a knight of night streets. To do this, it was possible to add details such as aerodynamic body kit and bamers that increase the clutch with the road and the speed of the car, as well as introduce the famous NOS, which, when activated, makes the car develop high speed in a short period of time.

Not without an aesthetic component: it was just possible to change the color of the car, apply stickers to the body, and also change the color of unusual elements, such as windows and rim of wheels. And finally, neon lights, allowing to paint the bottom of the car in different colors. I dare to assume that more than half of the players spent more time to set up their cars than behind races on the routes of the game.

There is another element characterizing the game – its soundtrack. It is impossible not to recall the game without remembering the famous song Get Low, which met players at the entrance to the game.

According to Electronic Arts, the game Need for Speed: Underground became a commercial hit: by mid -2004, its sales around the world exceeded 7 million copies.

For many years, rumors have been going on that Need for Speed ​​Underground allegedly will become a remake. However, UA has not yet confirmed anything. One can only hope that the remake of the classic game will be made at the same high level as the original.

City Car Driving 2.0 – Developer Diaries #3

The third diary will be devoted to an integral component of CCD: training in the rules of the road.
As in the original City Car Driving, you will have a number of useful exercises that will help to master driving at a good level.

As in the original City Car Driving, you will have a number of useful exercises that will help to master driving at a good level.
In CCD 2.0 Autodrom is designed from the point of view of consistent passage of all exercises. At the same time, you can independently choose an element that you want to study.

Autodrome is an important part of the gameplay with somewhat expanded functionality, compared to the original CCD. At the autrod will be available:

  • The ability to perform exercises to honing driving skills with subsequent assessment
  • Exercising exercises only those in which you are interested, without an assessment system
  • Go through the whole set of exercises for evaluation

There are many interactive objects on the Avtodrome, thanks to them, you will understand when you make a mistake. Or you can just arrange a crash test of your car.

Fulfillment of the tasks, leads to the exam in the city. For novice drivers, this system will help prepare for full participation in the life of the road.

#1 entrance to the hill

On the Avtodrome, the hill is a hill with a slope of 12 °. For all the requirements, we must call on the highest point, stop, and then gently move out.

#2 snakes

An exercise in which you need to maneuver on an extremely smooth trajectory without touching the cones. Snake is one of the most interesting classic exercises in preparing for driving in the city.

#3 U -turn in limited space

We approach complex exercises, by this moment, you will need to truly feel your transport.

#4 Entrance to the box entrance

Fixing maneuvering skills exercise, helping to finally get used to the dimensions of transport.

#5 Parallel Parking

This exercise is a small test of all your driving skills. For more immersion in the process, on the autrod there are models of cars that simulate real road users.

  • In addition to exercises, in CCD 2.0. The emphasis on compliance with the rules of the road will be maintained?

Yes, we consider traffic rules one of the important components of gameplay, and try to deepen the interaction of the player and traffic rules.

  • Sounds will be in the original CCD, or changed?

With the transition to UE – sounds in the game will be changed.

He will remain with the players, in the form to which they are accustomed, we do not replace, and even more so do not take the game from people. We do not exclude the possibility of small updates for the original City Car Driving, but now all forces are concentrated on the development of City Car Driving 2.0.

  • Support for Steam Workshop is planned?

Yes. We want to give people the opportunity to share their own modifications with maximum convenience.

  • There will be the opportunity to flexibly configure the density of traffic, the number of pedestrians, weather conditions as in the original CCD?

No, we try to give new experience to all users, so we try another approach. For example, the weather is now dynamic, and we will talk about traffic in a special diary dedicated to transport.

  • In CCD 2.0. It is planned to introduce motorcycles?

In early access – definitely not.

  • A system of fatigue, hunger, and so on are planned?

No, we consider this unnecessary complication for a real and living person who yourself needs to relax and eat, especially when playing a car symbulator, where you need to concentrate your attention.

In the next issue, we will talk a little about the game world, show several screenshots of filling the locations, and talk about the approach to Leoel Design.

Development diaries come out every two weeks, in them we talk in detail about the development of the game. Do not miss!

STELLAR BLADE with a sexy heroine can get the “new game+” mode on the release

The possibility of re -passing the game with already obtained skills and weapons in the form of mode "New game+" is an almost integral part of any modern game. Basically, this function is found in single -user games, allowing players to outplay the game with most updates, as well as with increased complexity of opponents and resource deficiency, which generally makes the second passage more interesting. This significantly increases the reiglability of the game. Such an expected action with a hot main character as Stellar Blade, simply cannot do without "New game+" Already on the release.

The fact that in Stellar Blade at the start will be "A new game+", Journalists from the portal Essentiallysports are sure. In their opinion, this is generally a mandatory function for most gaming innovations, and for the debut action from Shift Up, this function will serve as an excellent tool for holding players, even if they have questions about the plot.

Also in the media are convinced that "A new game+" Stellar Blade needs Sony herself. This will allow companies to avoid negative criticism from players who have long been pursuing the company. For those who are not in the know, one of the large PS5 exclusives last year was released without NG+. It was the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games. Yes, the NG+ function has already been confirmed for playing in future updates, but was not available at the time of launch in October 2023. In fact, many of the recent exclusives for PS4/PS5 were released without NG+, which caused user discontent.

Taking into account this criticism, it seems likely that Sony will try not to repeat this mistake with Stellar Blade. Being a console exclusive, it will initially be available only to PS5 owners. And they will not like it if the game is deprived of ng+ at the start. Fans who are looking forward to Stellar Blade, recently expressed this opinion on Reddit. In their opinion, it would be perfectly possible to get full experience from a slasher with a re -passage function. They are calling for developers to pay attention to their request now.

A dispersed to 8 GHz Intel Core i9-14900k issues more than 1300 frames in Counter Strike 2

Examples of high -class dispersal are of great interest among the enthusiasts community, mainly because often squeezed performance exceeds the indicators set by previous world records.

Similarly, at the SXSW in Sydney, the AU Overclocking team was able to use the power of the Flagship of the 14th generation Intel processor Raptor Lake Refresh Core i9-14900k, which led to an excess of more than 1300 frames in the recently released game Counter Strike 2.

Achieving such performance is a difficult task, and this requires "Excessive" Using liquid nitrogen. To strengthen interest in this work, the Vice President and CEO of Intel for enthusiast PCs and the Client Computing Group workstations Roger Cundler poured the first portion of liquid nitrogen on the test stand.

It is interesting to see Intel’s representative office at the event, since it not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to its community of accelerators, but is also a way "Official" recognition of achievement, and in this case FPS line.

When accelerating Team Au, the Intel Core i9-14900K processor was used, which initially comes with a frequency of 6 GHz from the box, which in itself is an achievement. However, to obtain maximum performance, the processor was dispersed before 8 GHz, which led to an excess of 1310 frames per second at Counter-Strike 2.

Someone may argue that the action player is not at all a demanding game, but the game has excellent compatibility with targeted speed indicators per second, which is why it occupies a leading position in the scenarios of overclocking the games. Counter-Strike 2 is able to withstand high clock frequencies, since the game is more "Depends on the processor".

It has already been said about the record frequency of the Core i9-14900K processor, which reached 9.1 GHz. If you attribute this figure here, it may be likely that the achieved personnel will exceed 1310, but this, the most stable game acceleration, which turned out to reach the frequency of 8 GHz.

Raptor Lake Refresh arouses great interest among the ovencen community, and it is interesting to see how this model will show itself in the future.

Digital Foundry compared The Crew Motorfest on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Digital Foundry published The Crew Motorfest video analysis, comparing the versions of the Ubisoft racing game for PS5, Xbox Series X and S. In general, technological journalists are satisfied with the general view that the game offers, but a number of less successful elements, such as lighting and loading of objects, deprive it of perfection.

On the PS5 and Xbox Series, the game offers two classic quality and performance modes, and both use AMD FSR 2, while the Series S has only a 30 frames per second. According to the Digital Foundry analysis, the performance mode for PS5 and Xbox Series X offers a dynamic resolution of 1440p, which is reduced to a maximum value of 1152p. Except permission, a smaller distance of the drawing and some details that are difficult to notice with the naked eye, this preset is visually not inferior to the “quality” regime.

The frequency of personnel strives for 60 frames per second and remains stable, with the exception of some drawdings in situations where there are many cars and during free research, where the falls of 50 frames per second are recorded on the PS5, and they slightly less. Otherwise, both consoles mainly cope with this preset.

In “Quality” mode, resolution increases to 3840 x 2160p with very rare falls, but pays for the frequency of personnel recorded at 30 frames per second. On the PS5, the frequency of personnel in this case is hard, while the Xbox Series X has uneven changes in the frequency of the frames and the phenomenon of the gaps in the upper part of the screen, and for this reason this is urgently not recommended.

Xbox Series S can only count on the pre -installation of quality at a speed of 30 frames per second, representing the same above problems with the frame rate and frames, minus permission, which is about 1440p, but is reduced to maximum 1152p.

Having analyzed the trailer, the Digital Foundry editors came to the conclusion that the GTA 6 will work in 30 k/s on consoles

The game community is seething with excitement after the release of the first trailer for the long -awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 from Rockstar Games. Digital Foundry, known for its analysis of gaming technologies, conducted a thorough analysis of the fact that this trailer talks about the upcoming game. In the video, they consider lighting and reflection with the trace of rays in the game, rendering of characters with an emphasis on hair details, shadows, discussion of the frequency of personnel and much more.

Firstly, editors “Almost sure“That Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a gameplay at a speed of 30 frames per second:

In the Apskayling era, when the developers focus on higher quality pixels, and not on rendering in their own resolution, gamers often wonder why such a compromise is done. In the same way, we are almost sure that Grand Theft Auto 6 will also provide a presentation at a speed of 30 frames per second – and this is the scale and volume of the technological capabilities of the game.

At the same time, Rockstar Games can improve the quality of graphics thanks to the technology of rays trace:

There is very good reason to believe that GTA 6 uses two advanced functions of ray trace: global lighting and reflection (although there are also signs of a hybrid solution for the latter).

Global lighting with rays trace is used to more accurately determine how the light is reflected in this environment, which is especially noticeable in rooms with strong external lighting penetrating into space. Whether it is a software solution for global lighting of the screen space (as shown in the update of GEARS 5 Series X) or RTGI with complete hardware acceleration, the difference in Grand Theft Auto 6 is obvious.

Thus, GTA 6 should get convincing, natural light:

(. ) characters and objects are ideally located in each scene, in contrast to the effects of glow or swimming, usually observed in standard decisions of rasterization. Of course, there is a chance that Rockstar uses a hybrid combination of software and hardware acceleration, but ultimately the lighting model looks great.

Interestingly, Digital Foundry emphasizes that the hair was confirmed by the trailer on the gameplay: the hair is:

What is unusual in the rendering of the characters, including hair, in this GTA 6 trailer is that it is applied to all characters, including NPC. Pictures of the crowd, apparently, use the same technology, and this prevalence in combination with artifacts of smoothing may indicate that Rockstar North does not use heavy threads based on threads. Nevertheless, the technology seems to work for all the necessary hairstyles, while the overall npc rendering technology is able to create highly detailed characters of almost any shape, size or ethnicity.

Given all these details, it can probably be said that Rockstar Games plans to provide players with a completely new experience designed to demonstrate a “jump in generations”, which is mentioned by Digital Foundry. Of course, the principle of “something for something” still acts here-and this may mean that GTA 6 will really work at a maximum of a speed of 30 frames per second. However, this is not official information, but only assumptions based on the analysis of one trailer.

A cheat based on the neural network appeared in CS 2

IN Counter-Strike 2 A modern cheat Aimbot, working on the basis of artificial intelligence, has appeared – it does not change files and does not interact at all with the game. In this regard, it is more difficult to calculate the VAC system. AIMBOT AI Detects objects in real time using neural networks and recognizes patterns similar to the movements of a real player. This was announced in his X-account (ex-Twitter) The English-language Dataminer Thor.

According to rumors, Valve has also been working on a unique Vacnet anticipation based on artificial intelligence. He must go out in the near future, but so far there is no official evidence of this information.

No, well this is a complete ass

Moreover, here CS2, if the neural network determines the objects, then it will determine in any shooter. This is a problem that concerns all online games player. And no anti -nitches will be able to determine this, alas.

The behavior of players with a hardware cheat will always be different than that of e -sportsmen or ordinary players with small ping. They can be monitored according to the schedule of events and banned. If there are few episodes, no one canceled the manual ban.

The same Denuvo or Valve may well roll out their solution.

Well, a neural network to determine the neural network, then they will come up with a neural network that will bypass the protection of the neural network and so in a circle million times)) It is probably enough to give vidos with fragments for studying for the neural network that players do. And leave it for a couple of months of study, and then all the khan.

Moreover, there is a denuvo, Denuvo is a protection against hacking, and not anti -shacks: D

Denuvo is a company specializing in digital security in any of its form and manifestation, although it is famous mainly in the anti -pirate system.

There is nothing good in this, as in any other game, cheaters = ***** (very bad words).

Even the prime minister from 20k rating begins to squeeze: players with hidden profiles, small number of awards appear in the enemy team, for that, they are very well aware of where the enemy is located. This was also in my team, without information, I knew exactly where the enemy was located. I watched him the whole game – pure VX. The enemy’s team at the same time, simply wrote angry messages to him, and he hung their noodles that he was simply given info (although no one gave it to him XD).
The second problem, the big number of the Turks, who absolutely do not respect either you or English, do not care at all, behave like monkeys. This is the main information on the enemy, play better than them, and they will still boil you from the game for it.

P.S at the moment, the only adequate option in anticipation of the miracle VAC’A is Faceit.

We are waiting for a neurosetic bush, which will determine the neurutus-Aim and ban in real life.

Gaben is more likely to his pants nasret than someone will ban there

Shtosh. I continue not to play competitive online games 😆

If this is real, then here is the algorithm Arnim Zola🤣

I don’t understand the meaning of online shooters, in which there were always cheaters. For a long time I decided for myself that playing such games and counting on justice is such an idea

Why cheats in this game even if a real monkey can hang

They have been working on their anti -fingers for 666 years, and in fact they have learned so far only Yandikar to Steam launched

It can be seen that the sight is shaking. Such as a patrol, so it will be.
AI AIMBOT should kill in the head aiming in the head, and not only in 1 out of 10,000 pixels of the head – what we saw on the video.
Nonsense is another.

According to rumors, a large -scale royal battle in the Halo universe from Certain Affinity was canceled

According to rumors, the unannounced royal battle for Halo Infinite was canceled from Certain Affinity, under the code name Project Tatanka, was canceled even before it became known about it.

Despite the fact that Halo Infinite, of course, has achieved significant success in comparison with the state in which it entered the market, we can say with confidence that over the past few years the series has experienced not better times. However, a few years ago the situation was different: there were several promising Halo projects in the development, which in recent years almost nothing was heard.

Thanks to the consistent seasons and significant Halo Infinite content updates, it has finally became the game that should have always been.

One of these non -anneized projects was the game in the Royal Battle of the Halo Universe from Certain Affinity, which helped in the development of Halo Infinite. This non -anneized game was called Project Tatanka, and for the first time it was reported in April 2022 about it. Last year, Jason Schreyer from Bloomberg even reported the project, saying that he was developing "in different directions" After it began as a royal battle.

We have not heard anything about the Tatanka project for a long time, nor about the future of the Halo series, but it seems that there are bad news for those who hoped for the royal battle focused on the Spartans. As reported by Sabredite Gamingleaksandrumours, the gaming insider Shpeshal_nick recently talked about the game during the episode of the Xboxera podcast and stated that it was canceled.

During the podcast, Shpeshal_nick raises a rumor and reports that the Colteastwood insider said that the project was postponed, that he then confirms that he and other leading Xboxera podcast also heard about this. Then the insiders argue about whether the project was postponed or canceled, and Shpeshal_nick claims that it was completely canceled and is unlikely to return.

It is worth recalling that the Schreyer report previously stated that the game "evolved" into something else than just a royal battle, so what Certain Affinity was working on, in the end it can see the light as something else than the game in this genre. However, now Shpeshal_nick and other Xboxera insiders seem to be sure that the project was simply closed and it will not see the light.

Technical test of the 3D-role game Arknights: Endfield starts on January 12, 2024

Recently, the Gryphline publisher announced that he will conduct a technical test in a 3D-role-playing game with combat and strategic elements in real time Arknights: Endfield, which will begin on January 12, 2024.

Players who will take part in the upcoming technical test will discover the world of Talos-II and get acquainted with the characters presented in Arknights: Endfield. Become an end administrator, lead a team of nine game characters, fight enemies with the help of a game game in real time, study the Endfield Industries technology tree and much more.

Gryphline also confirmed that the factory system Arknights: Endfield will be available during the testing period. The function that fans liked during the recent technical test in China allows players to strategically place factory buildings, connecting them in automated production lines that produce resources and products that can give players an advantage in battle.

In addition, this reliable system offers players a new choice and opportunity, allowing them to change the game area and the environment, as well as influence the world of Talos-II outside the battle.

Technical test Arknights: Endfield is designed exclusively for a PC with Windows and will include an English user interface and a sunbathing voice. To register and get the opportunity to take part in technical tests, visit, click “Register” and fill out a survey. Players admitted to the technical test will be able to hit the road as the final administrator January 12, 06:00 Moscow time

The action of Arknights: Endfield takes place in the world of an extremely successful hybrid mobile role -playing game in the Tower Defense Arknights genre, which has been downloaded 100 million times since the launch in 2020. The deep plot and world of Arknights in the style of cyberpunk are additionally studied in the second season of the popular Arknights anime series: Perish in Frost production of Yostar Pictures, which is now broadcasting to Crunchyroll.

Arknights: Endfield is currently under development for PlayStation 5, PC and mobile devices.

It seems that Control 2 is already in active development

The fact that Control 2 is one of the current projects of Remedy Entertainment is known for a long time, but there is still no direct information about whether it is in active development, which seems to have confirmed one of the developers.

Some information about the situation was received from the Remedy financial conference, at which the results of the financial year quarter were summed up, however, as for Control 2, there was only a foggy mention of project budget size.

New information came from Leonid Stepanov, who in his new post on the website of X said that he finished work on Alan Wake 2 and therefore moved to the development of Control 2.

This, in fact, is the first confirmation that the new chapter switched to the development stage, since it was still believed that it is still at the stage of the concept. However, it is too early to draw any conclusions: despite the words about "development", It is possible that Control 2 is still at the stage of pre -production, since Remedy is also working on other projects.

This is a project called Condor, and Max Payne remakes, and what used to be called Vanguard, but now Kestrel is no longer Free-to-Play.

Waiting for a new bitch, a masterpiece and the protagonist-meeting

It would be better if the second part of Quantum Break was done.

Quantum Break belongs to Microsoft, and questions.

It’s true. There at least there was a story, and even not finished.

Quantics trash. The control will be much more interesting, although also far from a glass.

What was the story there? There is no history into control?

Not at least hemiple was in Control (although I still abandoned it), the first Alan Wake was an interesting game, unlike a dull, boring kinz with puzzles for morons and a complete lack of optimization.

And where is the gameplay? In the middle and even more so at the end, the monotonous shooting of the bots is so bored that you just try to run through them.

I look forward to control 2, Alan Wake 2 for me became the game of the year! I didn’t think that someone could surpass RE4 remake and this happened, in shock.

Stal? Dull hemplex, and bad tracing paper from the same remake for you the game of the year, surpassed the plagiarism object? Clearly, condensed XD

I could barely overpower this 4 rubber.. AB2 is different

Yeah, completely original and interesting XD

Well, not another zombie ** ETA

And they have differences from the zombie? Or for you to call the enemy simply the mystical creature of the writer is already something supernova. Although in fact how the obsessed do not call, there is nothing new in it. Well, the eggplant is better

What looks like? For a couple of years, as you know, Remedi rivet there at the same time 5-7 games. Including control 2 and spin-off control.
Here Alan Wake has already come out

Control also from the universe Alan Wake?

It is a pity that Quantum Break 2 I can’t wait for the campaign. But in any case, let it make Control 2 better then than the next miserable Alan Wake (graphone walking simulator without normal gameplay and without a sensible plot).

Forget about Quantum Break 2. At least until the moment when Remedy is redeemed from Mikes.

Oooh, I’m waiting. IMHO, it is Control that is the apogee of all works by Remedy, especially against the background of any misunderstandings like Quantum Break. If only they did not constitute the atmosphere and simply gave more, better and deeper than it was in the last part – and I will be completely satisfied. And it doesn’t care what to wait for the release for 5 years – it will probably be worth it!

I agree, the control can be said to the Christmatic work, the basis of the Remedy universe, I hope the second part will describe the ENT of the universe even deeper.

Or is it DLS for wake 2.

URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA new control well, finally 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥲🥲🥲🥲

And this is not Death Stranding 2? There, too, corpses on the rope hanging in the air)

And I still have not passed 1 part = (

I look forward to the next part.Running along the floors and rooms here, specifically carried out the brain.

This screenshot is somewhere a year ago.

Why did quantum Break abandon? She will be more interesting to control both gameplay and plot.

Because Remedi has no right to Quantum Break

Well, with interestingness, I would argue. Although maybe so. “Control” nevertheless takes the atmosphere if he plunges and read notes. And the quantum break, so that does not belong to the Finams, and there are emphasis on videos with actors, consider the series. I think the second part is not when it will not be, since it is difficult to collect everyone again and repeat. And if there is, 70% that it will be another game with another vaib. If you return to Control, it seems for Finns, this is the flagship project that will deepen and fasten the SCP universe, which they build. Conclusion: “Quantum” does not make sense, at least from Remedy.

It doesn’t matter if the same actors will collect or not. In the quantum of the game mechanics is unique, it is nowhere else to

They don’t know how to stop in time now. If you have a profit, then you need to make a continuation, be sure to. I must crap, in no way without it. XD)

The control of the good game was, albeit disposable, only the plot there is finished and there is nothing to do about. Why is it impossible to immediately think another project.. So apparently uninteresting, it is necessary to release crap, so that they would put a full knapsack, wave it off for a long time, and only after that something to start thinking. Immediately see the stimulus abruptly lacks. : D)

All the control of control was remembered – monotonous enemies, monotonous gameplay – to pull/throw and cringe every time they turned the woman’s face.

Swedish passions. Judging by Alan Vaika – oh they are afraid of a hitchhiker. And they do the right thing, ha ha ha,-homeric laughter, with an ice ax in the right hand. Control of course a curious game, we are waiting for the second part.

I hope that the second part will not be as dull feces as the first part, with its walks and unicellular cubic space with the dull story through "Mysterious and intriguing" (actually no) phrases, notes and other garbage, with opponents even more dull than in Alan, and this must still be tried.
Although, judging by the second Alan, everything will be the same. If only the remake of Max would not be ruined

And what is there to give out in Max? This is a remake, not an independent game.

That’s the joke. A remake can be a free retelling of the original with "innovations".

The first part was so -so. For one time. Maybe this time the sodes will be released and the top!

I thought you were praising any game

Yes, he quit her to go through the middle somewhere, boring

Will be as dull and crooked as anal vake 2? GG by the way will be repainted again?

not no, but it is better to return to the ward to take the medicine you forget

A strong woman of a cop who helps the writer to finish the ending (he himself cannot) – there is. Insults of the whites – on the spot. Lesbian – there is also!

And how much more will you throw this screenshot without context? The game must be held to understand the meaning of this phrase. But where is there? Play 5 minutes, call the game a boring boil, find a screenshot from the end of the game and go to throw in comments. Oh, these critics.

"It seems that Control 2 is already in active development"

First part, IMHO, was extremely tedious, enchanting Not interesting, With a bloated marketing budget project, Such an impression, that remedy forgot how to make real interesting games And they simply master the money allocated to one or another project, afraid to get out of the rut, trends and all that condensively accepts Today’s perfect consumer, Without even trying to really do something new, as they did with First part of Max Payne and partly with First Alan Wake (I haven’t played the second yet, I will get later, and therefore without comment). Of course, it is clear, the money and all the relations with them are connected, no one canceled, but how tired I am from the same clones of the same games, refers not only to the Remedy, but also to any production site, who are engaged production of AAA garbage. The news of the second part is perceived, IMHO, as an understanding of another inevitability and it disappoints. Similar projects, a lot of marketing – little real interesting game, IMHO, make you more and more often skip another aaa garbage and pay attention to the Indie game.